[rɪ'muːv] or [rɪ'muv]


(noun.) degree of figurative distance or separation; 'just one remove from madness' or 'it imitates at many removes a Shakespearean tragedy';.

(verb.) remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract; 'remove a threat'; 'remove a wrapper'; 'Remove the dirty dishes from the table'; 'take the gun from your pocket'; 'This machine withdraws heat from the environment'.

(verb.) get rid of something abstract; 'The death of her mother removed the last obstacle to their marriage'; 'God takes away your sins'.

(verb.) shift the position or location of, as for business, legal, educational, or military purposes; 'He removed his children to the countryside'; 'Remove the troops to the forest surrounding the city'; 'remove a case to another court'.

(verb.) remove from a position or an office.

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(v. t.) To move away from the position occupied; to cause to change place; to displace; as, to remove a building.

(v. t.) To cause to leave a person or thing; to cause to cease to be; to take away; hence, to banish; to destroy; to put an end to; to kill; as, to remove a disease.

(v. t.) To dismiss or discharge from office; as, the President removed many postmasters.

(v. i.) To change place in any manner, or to make a change in place; to move or go from one residence, position, or place to another.

(n.) The act of removing; a removal.

(n.) The transfer of one's business, or of one's domestic belongings, from one location or dwelling house to another; -- in the United States usually called a move.

(n.) The state of being removed.

(n.) That which is removed, as a dish removed from table to make room for something else.

(n.) The distance or space through which anything is removed; interval; distance; stage; hence, a step or degree in any scale of gradation; specifically, a division in an English public school; as, the boy went up two removes last year.

(n.) The act of resetting a horse's shoe.



v. a. [1]. Displace, dislodge, transfer.[2]. Withdraw, extract, take out, take away, carry off.[3]. Banish, destroy, abate, suppress, put an end to, do away with, make a clean sweep of.[4]. Dismiss, eject, oust, put out, turn out.

v. n. [1]. Go, change place.[2]. Move, change residence.

n. [1]. Removal, change of place.[2]. Interval, distance, separation.[3]. Step (in a scale of gradation).



SYN:Displace, separate, abstract, transport, carry, transfer, eject, oust,dislodge, suppress, migrate, depart

ANT:Restore, conserve, stabilitate, perpetuate, establish, reinstate, reinstall,instal, fix, fasten, stay, remain, dwell, abide, stand



v.t. to put from its place: to take away: to withdraw: to displace: to make away with.—v.i. to go from one place to another.—n. any indefinite distance: a step in any scale of gradation as promotion from one class to another also a class or division: a dish to be changed while the rest remain: (Shak.) the raising of a siege a posting-stage.—n. Removabil′ity.—adj. Remo′vable that may be removed.—adv. Remo′vably.—n. Remo′val the act of taking away: displacing: change of place: a euphemism for murder.—adj. Removed′ (Shak.) remote: distant by degrees of relationship.—ns. Remo′vedness (Shak.) the state of being removed: remoteness; Remo′ver one who removes: (Bacon) an agitator.—Removal terms (Scot.) Whitsunday and Martinmas.





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