[strɒŋ] or [strɔŋ]


(adj.) freshly made or left; 'a warm trail'; 'the scent is warm' .

(adj.) not faint or feeble; 'a strong odor of burning rubber' .

(adj.) of verbs not having standard (or regular) inflection; '`sing' is a strong verb' .

(adj.) having strength or power greater than average or expected; 'a strong radio signal'; 'strong medicine'; 'a strong man' .

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(superl.) Having active physical power, or great physical power to act; having a power of exerting great bodily force; vigorous.

(superl.) Having passive physical power; having ability to bear or endure; firm; hale; sound; robust; as, a strong constitution; strong health.

(superl.) Solid; tough; not easily broken or injured; able to withstand violence; able to sustain attacks; not easily subdued or taken; as, a strong beam; a strong rock; a strong fortress or town.

(superl.) Having great military or naval force; powerful; as, a strong army or fleet; a nation strong at sea.

(superl.) Having great wealth, means, or resources; as, a strong house, or company of merchants.

(superl.) Reaching a certain degree or limit in respect to strength or numbers; as, an army ten thousand strong.

(superl.) Moving with rapidity or force; violent; forcible; impetuous; as, a strong current of water or wind; the wind was strong from the northeast; a strong tide.

(superl.) Adapted to make a deep or effectual impression on the mind or imagination; striking or superior of the kind; powerful; forcible; cogent; as, a strong argument; strong reasons; strong evidence; a strong example; strong language.

(superl.) Ardent; eager; zealous; earnestly engaged; as, a strong partisan; a strong Whig or Tory.

(superl.) Having virtues of great efficacy; or, having a particular quality in a great degree; as, a strong powder or tincture; a strong decoction; strong tea or coffee.

(superl.) Full of spirit; containing a large proportion of alcohol; intoxicating; as, strong liquors.

(superl.) Affecting any sense powerfully; as, strong light, colors, etc.; a strong flavor of onions; a strong scent.

(superl.) Solid; nourishing; as, strong meat.

(superl.) Well established; firm; not easily overthrown or altered; as, a strong custom; a strong belief.

(superl.) Violent; vehement; earnest; ardent.

(superl.) Having great force, vigor, power, or the like, as the mind, intellect, or any faculty; as, a man of a strong mind, memory, judgment, or imagination.

(superl.) Vigorous; effective; forcible; powerful.

(superl.) Tending to higher prices; rising; as, a strong market.

(superl.) Pertaining to, or designating, a verb which forms its preterit (imperfect) by a variation in the root vowel, and the past participle (usually) by the addition of -en (with or without a change of the root vowel); as in the verbs strive, strove, striven; break, broke, broken; drink, drank, drunk. Opposed to weak, or regular. See Weak.

(superl.) Applied to forms in Anglo-Saxon, etc., which retain the old declensional endings. In the Teutonic languages the vowel stems have held the original endings most firmly, and are called strong; the stems in -n are called weak other constant stems conform, or are irregular.



a. [1]. Vigorous, robust, sturdy, athletic, brawny, sinewy, muscular, stalwart, Herculean, able-bodied, hale, healthy, hardy, stout.[2]. Able, capable, efficient, mighty, potent, powerful, puissant.[3]. Firm, solid, compact, impregnable, well fortified.[4]. Energetic, active, vivid, intense.[5]. Violent, impetuous, vehement.[6]. Pungent, piquant, biting, sharp, racy, spicy, hot, peppery, high-seasoned, high-flavored.[7]. Tenacious, tough, cohesive, resisting, stubborn.[8]. Cogent, forcible, impressive, conclusive, persuasive.[9]. Ardent, eager, zealous, hearty, earnest.[10]. Alcoholic (in a high degree), intoxicating.



SYN:Powerful, vigorous, solid, secure, fortified, forcible, impetuous, hale,hearty, brawny, sinewy, sound, robust, cogent, influential, zealous, potent,pungent_muscular, hardy, stanch, tenacious

ANT:Powerless, weak, frail, insecure, defenceless, feeble, mild, calm, gentle,delicate, sickly, inefficacious, unsatisfactory, unconvincing, unimpressive,vapid, impotent, unavailing, lukewarm, debile, flaccid, nerveless, tender,moderate, indifferent



adj. firm: having physical power: hale healthy: able to endure: solid: well fortified: having wealth or resources: moving with rapidity: impetuous: earnest: having great vigour as the mind: forcible: energetic determined positive: affecting the senses as smell and taste forcibly offensive or intense in quality pungent: loud stentorian: hard indigestible: having a quality in a great degree: intoxicating rich in alcohol: bright: intense: well established firm steadily going upward without fluctuation: (gram.) inflecting by a change of radical vowel instead of by syllabic addition.—n. Strong′hold a place strong to hold out against attack: a fastness or fortified place: a fortress.—adj. Strong′-knit firmly jointed or compacted.—adv. Strong′ly.—adj. Strong′-mind′ed having a vigorous mind: unfeminine applied to women who unsex themselves to obtain the freedom of men.—ns. Strong′-mind′edness; Strong′-room a firmly secured place where valuables are stored; Strong′-wa′ter ardent spirits.—Strong escape (Shak.) an escape accomplished by strength.





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