[ðeə;ðə] or [ðɛr]


(noun.) a location other than here; that place; 'you can take it from there'.

(adv.) in or at that place; 'they have lived there for years'; 'it's not there'; 'that man there'.

(adv.) to or toward that place; away from the speaker; 'go there around noon!'.

(adv.) in that matter; 'I agree with you there'.

康妮手打--From WordNet


(pron.) In or at that place.

(pron.) In that matter, relation, etc.; at that point, stage, etc., regarded as a distinct place; as, he did not stop there, but continued his speech.

(pron.) To or into that place; thither.



ad. In that place.



adv. in that place—opp. to Here at that point—it is used to begin sentences when the subject comes after the verb.—interj. expressing certainty alarm &c. and in interjectional phrases equivalent to that as 'There's a good boy.'—advs. Thereabout′ or -abouts′ about or near that place: near that number quantity or degree; Thereaft′er after or according to that; There′among among them; There′-anent′ (Scot.) concerning that matter; Thereat′ at that place or occurrence: on that account; There′away from that place or direction thence: in those parts thereabout; Thereby′ by that means: in consequence of that; Therefor′ for that this or it; Therefore (thėr′fur) for that or this reason: consequently; Therefrom′ from that or this; Therein′ in that or this place time or thing; Thereinaft′er later in the same document; Therein′to into that place.—n. There′ness the property of having relative situation or existence.—advs. Thereof′ of that or this; Thereon′ on that or this; Thereout′ out of that or this: outside; Therethrough′ through that by that means; Thereto′ Thereun′to to that or this; There′tofore before that time; Thereun′der under that; Thereupon′ upon or in consequence of that or this: immediately; Therewith′ with that or this thereupon; There′withal with that or this: at the same time over and above.





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