[tuː] or [tu]


(noun.) the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number.

(adj.) being one more than one; 'he received two messages' .

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(n.) One and one; twice one.

(n.) The sum of one and one; the number next greater than one, and next less than three; two units or objects.

(n.) A symbol representing two units, as 2, II., or ii.



n. [1]. Sum of two units.[2]. Pair, couple, brace, SPAN.



adj. one and one.—n. the sum of one and one: a figure representing two: a pair.—n. Two′-deck′er a vessel of war carrying guns on two decks.—adjs. Two′-edged having two edges; Two′-faced having two faces hence double-dealing false; Two′fold folded twice: multiplied by two: double.—adv. doubly.—adjs. Two′-forked Twī′-forked double-pronged bifurcate; Two′-front′ed having fronts on opposite sides; Two′-hand′ed having or used with two hands: ambidexterous handy: to be used by two persons; Two′-head′ed having two heads: directed by two authorities; Two′-leaved having two distinct leaves; Two′-legged furnished with two legs; Two′-line (print.) having a depth of body equal to double that of the size specified as two-line nonpareil or pica; Two′-lipped having two lips: divided so as to resemble two lips; Two′-mast′ed having two masts; Two′-nee′dle perforated with two needles.—n. Two′ness the state of being two doubleness.—adj. Two′-part′ed bipartite divided into two nearly to the base.—n. Twopence (tup′ens or tōō′pens) the sum of two pennies: (Shak.) a gilt coin worth two pence.—adj. Twopenny (tup′en-i or tōō′pen-i) of the value of twopence: cheap worthless.—n. ale sold at twopence a quart.—adjs. Two′-ply consisting of two thicknesses: woven double; Two′-ranked alternately arranged in two exactly opposite rows distichous bifarious; Two′-sid′ed having two surfaces or two aspects or phases: facing two ways turned in two directions often with implied sense of double-dealing or deceit; Two′some two twofold; Two′-tongued double-tongued deceitful; Two′-way arranged so as to permit a fluid to be turned into either of two channels: (math.) having a double mode of variation; Twī′-nā′tured Twy′-nā′tured double natured—human and animal in one.—Be two to be at variance; In two asunder.





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