[feə] or [fɛr]


(noun.) a competitive exhibition of farm products; 'she won a blue ribbon for her baking at the county fair'.

(noun.) gathering of producers to promote business; 'world fair'; 'trade fair'; 'book fair'.

(verb.) join so that the external surfaces blend smoothly.

(adj.) (used of hair or skin) pale or light-colored; 'a fair complexion'; .

(adj.) free of clouds or rain; 'today will be fair and warm' .

(adj.) (of a baseball) hit between the foul lines; 'he hit a fair ball over the third base bag' .

(adj.) free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; conforming with established standards or rules; 'a fair referee'; 'fair deal'; 'on a fair footing'; 'a fair fight'; 'by fair means or foul' .

(adj.) not excessive or extreme; 'a fairish income'; 'reasonable prices' .

(adj.) attractively feminine; 'the fair sex' .

凯思琳校对--From WordNet


(superl.) Free from spots, specks, dirt, or imperfection; unblemished; clean; pure.

(superl.) Pleasing to the eye; handsome; beautiful.

(superl.) Without a dark hue; light; clear; as, a fair skin.

(superl.) Not overcast; cloudless; clear; pleasant; propitious; favorable; -- said of the sky, weather, or wind, etc.; as, a fair sky; a fair day.

(superl.) Free from obstacles or hindrances; unobstructed; unincumbered; open; direct; -- said of a road, passage, etc.; as, a fair mark; in fair sight; a fair view.

(superl.) Without sudden change of direction or curvature; smooth; fowing; -- said of the figure of a vessel, and of surfaces, water lines, and other lines.

(superl.) Characterized by frankness, honesty, impartiality, or candor; open; upright; free from suspicion or bias; equitable; just; -- said of persons, character, or conduct; as, a fair man; fair dealing; a fair statement.

(superl.) Pleasing; favorable; inspiring hope and confidence; -- said of words, promises, etc.

(superl.) Distinct; legible; as, fair handwriting.

(superl.) Free from any marked characteristic; average; middling; as, a fair specimen.

(adv.) Clearly; openly; frankly; civilly; honestly; favorably; auspiciously; agreeably.

(n.) Fairness, beauty.

(n.) A fair woman; a sweetheart.

(n.) Good fortune; good luck.

(v. t.) To make fair or beautiful.

(v. t.) To make smooth and flowing, as a vessel's lines.

(n.) A gathering of buyers and sellers, assembled at a particular place with their merchandise at a stated or regular season, or by special appointment, for trade.

(n.) A festival, and sale of fancy articles. erc., usually for some charitable object; as, a Grand Army fair.

(n.) A competitive exhibition of wares, farm products, etc., not primarily for purposes of sale; as, the Mechanics' fair; an agricultural fair.



a. [1]. Spotless, unspotted, untarnished, unblemished, unstained.[2]. White, light, blonde.[3]. Handsome, comely, beautiful.[4]. Pleasant, clear, cloudless, not cloudy, not overcast.[5]. Favorable, prosperous.[6]. Promising, hopeful.[7]. Open, distinct, plain, unobstructed, unincumbered.[8]. Frank, honest, candid, ingenuous, equitable, just, honorable, upright, impartial, unbiassed.[9]. Reasonable, proper.[10]. Pretty good, more than middling, above mediocrity.



SYN:Open, clear, spotless, unspotted, untarnished, reasonable, unblemished, serene,beautiful, just, honorable, equitable, impartial

ANT:Lowering, dull, foul, disfigured, ugly, unfair, dishonorable, fraudulent



adj. bright: clear: free from blemish: pure: pleasing to the eye: beautiful: free from a dark hue: of a light shade: free from clouds or rain: favourable: unobstructed: open: prosperous: frank: impartial: just: pleasing: plausible: hopeful: moderate: pretty good.—n. that which is fair: (arch.) a woman.—v.t. to make fair.—v.i. to clear up as the weather from rain.—adv. kindly honestly clearly: straight: (Shak.) favourably.—adjs. Fair′-and-square honest—also used adverbially; Fair′-bod′ing (Shak.) auspicious.—n. Fair′-cop′y the state of a document copied after final correction.—adjs. Fair′-faced with a light complexion: beautiful: specious; Fair′-haired having fair or light-coloured hair; Fair′-hand having a fair appearance; Fair′ish somewhat fair: pretty well pretty drunk.—adv. Fair′ly.—adj. Fair′-mind′ed judging fairly.—ns. Fair′ness; Fair′-play honest dealing: justice.—adjs. Fair′-seem′ing appearing fair; Fair′-spok′en bland and civil in language and address.—ns. Fair′-trade free-trade: a euphemism for smuggling: a mild form of the protective system in which the basis of economic policy is supposed to be reciprocity or free-trade only with such nations as grant similar privileges—also used adverbially; Fair′-way the part of a river roadstead &c. by which vessels enter or leave.—adj. Fair′-weath′er suitable only for fair weather or favourable circumstances.—Be in a fair way to to be likely to succeed in; Keep fair with to keep on amiable terms with; Stand fair with to be in the good graces of.—The fair The fair sex the female sex.

n. a great periodical market for one kind of merchandise or for the general sales and purchases of a district: a collection of miscellaneous goods for sale on behoof of charity at a bazaar &c.—n. Fair′ing a present given at a fair any complimentary gift.—A day after the fair too late; Get one's fairing (Scot.) to get one's deserts.



To dream of being at a fair, denotes that you will have a pleasant and profitable business and a congenial companion. For a young woman, this dream signifies a jovial and even-tempered man for a life partner.





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