[sɜː] or [sɝ]


(noun.) term of address for a man.

(noun.) a title used before the name of knight or baronet.

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(n.) A man of social authority and dignity; a lord; a master; a gentleman; -- in this sense usually spelled sire.

(n.) A title prefixed to the Christian name of a knight or a baronet.

(n.) An English rendering of the LAtin Dominus, the academical title of a bachelor of arts; -- formerly colloquially, and sometimes contemptuously, applied to the clergy.

(n.) A respectful title, used in addressing a man, without being prefixed to his name; -- used especially in speaking to elders or superiors; sometimes, also, used in the way of emphatic formality.



n. a word of respect used in addressing a man: a gentleman: the title of a knight or baronet used along with the Christian name and surname as 'Sir David Pole:' formerly a common title of address for the clergy as a translation of L. dominus the term used for a bachelor of arts originally in contradistinction from the magister or master of arts—hence Sir John=a priest.—v.t. to address as 'sir.'





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