(noun.) something that results; 'he listened for the results on the radio'.

(verb.) come about or follow as a consequence; 'nothing will result from this meeting'.

(verb.) issue or terminate (in a specified way, state, etc.); end; 'result in tragedy'.

乔伊手打--From WordNet


(v. i.) To leap back; to rebound.

(v. i.) To come out, or have an issue; to terminate; to have consequences; -- followed by in; as, this measure will result in good or in evil.

(v. i.) To proceed, spring, or rise, as a consequence, from facts, arguments, premises, combination of circumstances, consultation, thought, or endeavor.

(n.) A flying back; resilience.

(n.) That which results; the conclusion or end to which any course or condition of things leads, or which is obtained by any process or operation; consequence or effect; as, the result of a course of action; the result of a mathematical operation.

(n.) The decision or determination of a council or deliberative assembly; a resolve; a decree.



v. n. [1]. Proceed, come, follow, flow, issue, arise, ensue, accrue, be the effect, be derived.[2]. End, terminate.

n. [1]. Consequence (from a certain combination of causes, or from premises), inference, conclusion.[2]. Issue, event, effect.[3]. Decision, resolve, determination, resolution.



SYN:Terminate, end, ensue, eventuate

ANT:Originate, arise, precede, spring, commence, start, begin

SYN:Termination, end, issue, effect, consequence, product, fruit, outcome, upshot,development, conclusion, remainder

ANT:Beginning, commencement, initiative, cause, rise, spring, origin, operation,causation, tendency, production, antecedent, premonition, prognostic,indication



v.i. to issue (with in): to follow as a consequence from facts: to rebound: to be the outcome: to terminate.—n. consequence: conclusion: decision: resolution as the result of a council.—n. Resul′tance act of resulting.—adj. Resul′tant resulting from combination.—n. (phys.) a force compounded of two or more forces.—n. Resul′tāte (obs.) a result.—adjs. Result′ful having results or effect; Resul′tive; Result′less without result.—n. Result′lessness.—Resultant tone a tone produced by the simultaneous sounding of two sustained tones; Resulting force a motion which is the result of two or more motions combined.





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