[spiːk] or [spik]


(verb.) use language; 'the baby talks already'; 'the prisoner won't speak'; 'they speak a strange dialect'.

(verb.) make a characteristic or natural sound; 'The drums spoke'.

校对:赛克--From WordNet


(v. i.) To utter words or articulate sounds, as human beings; to express thoughts by words; as, the organs may be so obstructed that a man may not be able to speak.

(v. i.) To express opinions; to say; to talk; to converse.

(v. i.) To utter a speech, discourse, or harangue; to adress a public assembly formally.

(v. i.) To discourse; to make mention; to tell.

(v. i.) To give sound; to sound.

(v. i.) To convey sentiments, ideas, or intelligence as if by utterance; as, features that speak of self-will.

(v. t.) To utter with the mouth; to pronounce; to utter articulately, as human beings.

(v. t.) To utter in a word or words; to say; to tell; to declare orally; as, to speak the truth; to speak sense.

(v. t.) To declare; to proclaim; to publish; to make known; to exhibit; to express in any way.

(v. t.) To talk or converse in; to utter or pronounce, as in conversation; as, to speak Latin.

(v. t.) To address; to accost; to speak to.



v. n. [1]. Articulate, enunciate, talk with articulate sounds.[2]. Plead, spout, hold forth, make a speech, discourse, harangue, declaim.[3]. Treat, make mention.[4]. Sound, resound.

v. a. [1]. Utter, express, deliver, pronounce, articulate.[2]. Announce, make known, spread abroad, proclaim, declare.[3]. (Naut.) Hail.



SYN:Converse, discourse, talk, utter, pronounce, say, express, accost, address,tell,[See FRUGAL]



v.i. to utter words or articulate sounds: to say: to talk: to converse: to sound: to give expression by any means to intimate to hint.—v.t. to pronounce: to converse in: to address: to declare: to express by signs:—pa.t. spoke or spāke; pa.p. spō′ken.—adj. Speak′able capable of being spoken: (Milt.) having the power of speech.—ns. Speak′-eas′y (U.S.) an illicit dram-shop shebeen; Speak′er one who speaks or proclaims: the person who presides in a deliberative or legislative body as the House of Commons; Speak′ership the office of Speaker; Speak′ing the act of expressing ideas in words: discourse.—adj. seeming to speak: natural: used to assist the voice.—adv. Speak′ingly.—ns. Speak′ing-trum′pet an instrument for enabling the sound of the voice to be conveyed to a greater distance; Speak′ing-tube a tube communicating from one room to another for speaking through; Speak′ing-voice the kind of voice used in speaking.—Speak a ship to hail and speak to some one on board her; Speak fair to address one in conciliatory terms; Speak for to speak on behalf of: to be a proof of: to bespeak engage; Speaking terms a relationship between two persons not extending beyond the courtesy of verbal salutation &c.; Speak of to talk about: to mention or to be worth mentioning; Speak one's mind to say frankly what one thinks; Speak out to assert boldly or loudly; Speak to to reprove: to attest testify to; Speak up to speak out; Speak well for to witness favourably to.—So to speak as one might put it as it were.





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