[səʊp] or [sop]


(noun.) a cleansing agent made from the salts of vegetable or animal fats.

(noun.) street names for gamma hydroxybutyrate.

(noun.) money offered as a bribe.

(verb.) rub soap all over, usually with the purpose of cleaning.

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(n.) A substance which dissolves in water, thus forming a lather, and is used as a cleansing agent. Soap is produced by combining fats or oils with alkalies or alkaline earths, usually by boiling, and consists of salts of sodium, potassium, etc., with the fatty acids (oleic, stearic, palmitic, etc.). See the Note below, and cf. Saponification. By extension, any compound of similar composition or properties, whether used as a cleaning agent or not.

(v. t.) To rub or wash over with soap.

(v. t.) To flatter; to wheedle.



n. a compound of oils or fats with soda (hard soaps) or potash (soft soaps) used in washing: (slang) soft words flattery: (U.S. slang) money used for bribery and other secret political purposes.—v.t. to rub or wash with soap: to flatter.—ns. Soap′-ball soap made into a ball often with starch as an emollient; Soap′berry the fruit of several species of trees belonging to the genus Sapindus containing a pulp useful as a substitute for soap in washing; Soap′-boil′er one whose occupation is to make soap; Soap′-boil′ing the occupation of making soap; Soap′-bub′ble a bubble made from soap-suds by blowing through a pipe; Soap′iness; Soap′-lock a lock of hair brushed apart from the rest: a rowdy; Soap′-pan a large tank for boiling the ingredients in soap-making; Soap′-plant a plant the bulb of which makes a thick lather when rubbed on clothes and is used as soap; Soap′-stone a soft kind of magnesian rock having a soapy feel also called Steatite; Soap′-suds (s. and pl.) soapy water esp. when worked into a foam; Soap′-test a test for determining the degree of hardness of water; Soap′-works a place where soap is made; Soap′wort a genus of plants some of the species of which have very beautiful flowers and the root and leaves of which contain saponin and hence are sometimes used in washing.—adj. Soap′y like soap: having the qualities of soap: covered with soap: flattering or pertaining to flattery.



To dream of soap, foretells that friendships will reveal interesting entertainment. Farmers will have success in their varied affairs. For a young woman to be making soap, omens a substantial and satisfactory competency will be hers.





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