['sʌmə] or ['sʌmɚ]


(noun.) the period of finest development, happiness, or beauty; 'the golden summer of his life'.

(noun.) the warmest season of the year; in the northern hemisphere it extends from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox; 'they spent a lazy summer at the shore'.

(verb.) spend the summer; 'We summered in Kashmir'.

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(v.) One who sums; one who casts up an account.

(n.) A large stone or beam placed horizontally on columns, piers, posts, or the like, serving for various uses. Specifically: (a) The lintel of a door or window. (b) The commencement of a cross vault. (c) A central floor timber, as a girder, or a piece reaching from a wall to a girder. Called also summertree.

(n.) The season of the year in which the sun shines most directly upon any region; the warmest period of the year.

(v. i.) To pass the summer; to spend the warm season; as, to summer in Switzerland.

(v. t.) To keep or carry through the summer; to feed during the summer; as, to summer stock.



n. the first stone laid over columns or pilasters to form a cross vault: the central beam of a floor which receives the joists: any large piece of timber supported on two strong piers or posts and serving as a lintel to a door window &c.; (obs.) a pack-horse a sumpter-horse.

n. the second and warmest season of the year—June July August.—v.i. to pass the summer.—v.t. to keep through the summer.—adj. Summ′er-dried dried by the heat of summer.—n. Summ′er-duck a beautiful North American duck.—adj. Summ′er-fall′ow lying fallow during the summer.—ns. Summ′er-house a house in a garden used in summer: a summer residence; Summ′ering a kind of early apple.—adv. Summ′er-like.—adj. Summ′erly warm and bright like summer.—ns. Summ′er-shine the summer colour of a bird insect &c.; Summ′er-tide Summ′er-time the summer season.—adj. Summ′ery like summer.—Indian summer (see Indian); St Luke's St Martin's summer (see Saint).



An oppressive and expensive season invented by rural cottage and hotel owners, railroad and steamboat companies and the Iceman.





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