[kɑːt] or [kɑrt]


(noun.) a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal.

(verb.) transport something in a cart.

艾伯纳录入--From WordNet


(n.) A common name for various kinds of vehicles, as a Scythian dwelling on wheels, or a chariot.

(n.) A two-wheeled vehicle for the ordinary purposes of husbandry, or for transporting bulky and heavy articles.

(n.) A light business wagon used by bakers, grocerymen, butchers, etc.

(n.) An open two-wheeled pleasure carriage.

(v. t.) To carry or convey in a cart.

(v. t.) To expose in a cart by way of punishment.

(v. i.) To carry burdens in a cart; to follow the business of a carter.



n. a two-wheeled vehicle without springs used for farm purposes and for conveying heavy loads.—v.t. to convey in a cart: to carry publicly in a cart as a punishment—formerly done to bawds.—ns. Cart′age the act or cost of carting; Cart′er one who drives a cart; Cart′-horse a horse used for drawing a cart; Cart′-house a shed for keeping carts; Cart′-load as much as a cart can carry; Cart's-tail the hind part of a cart; Cart′way a road or way by which carts may pass; Cart′wright a carpenter who makes carts; T′-cart a four-wheeled open phaeton seated for four its ground-plan resembling a T—see also Dog-cart Mail-cart Tax-cart &c.—Put the cart before the horse to reverse the natural order of things.—Village Cart an uncovered two-wheeled carriage for one horse with a low body and one seat; Whitechapel cart or Chapel cart a light two-wheeled spring-cart much used by butchers in delivering goods to their customers.



To dream of riding in a cart, ill luck and constant work will employ your time if you would keep supplies for your family. To see a cart, denotes bad news from kindred or friends. To dream of driving a cart, you will meet with merited success in business and other aspirations. For lovers to ride together in a cart, they will be true in spite of the machinations of rivals.



v. t., To take off.





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