[,iːvə'luːʃ(ə)n;'ev-] or [,ivə'luʃən]


(noun.) (biology) the sequence of events involved in the evolutionary development of a species or taxonomic group of organisms.

伊迪丝录入--From WordNet


(n.) The act of unfolding or unrolling; hence, in the process of growth; development; as, the evolution of a flower from a bud, or an animal from the egg.

(n.) A series of things unrolled or unfolded.

(n.) The formation of an involute by unwrapping a thread from a curve as an evolute.

(n.) The extraction of roots; -- the reverse of involution.

(n.) A prescribed movement of a body of troops, or a vessel or fleet; any movement designed to effect a new arrangement or disposition; a maneuver.

(n.) A general name for the history of the steps by which any living organism has acquired the morphological and physiological characters which distinguish it; a gradual unfolding of successive phases of growth or development.

(n.) That theory of generation which supposes the germ to preexist in the parent, and its parts to be developed, but not actually formed, by the procreative act; -- opposed to epigenesis.

(n.) That series of changes under natural law which involves continuous progress from the homogeneous to the heterogeneous in structure, and from the single and simple to the diverse and manifold in quality or function. The pocess is by some limited to organic beings; by others it is applied to the inorganic and the psychical. It is also applied to explain the existence and growth of institutions, manners, language, civilization, and every product of human activity. The agencies and laws of the process are variously explained by different philosophrs.



n. Evolving, unfolding, expansion, evolvement.






n. the act of unrolling or unfolding: gradual working out or development: a series of things unfolded: the doctrine according to which higher forms of life have gradually arisen out of lower: (arith. alg.) the extraction of roots: (pl.) the orderly movements of a body of troops or of ships of war.—adjs. Evolū′tional Evolū′tionary of or pertaining to evolution.—ns. Evolū′tionism the theory of evolution; Evolū′tionist one skilled in evolutions or military movements: one who believes in evolution as a principle in science.—adj. Ev′olūtive.



A clever trick performed by one Darwin, who made a monkey of Adam.





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