['twentɪ] or ['twɛnti]


(noun.) the cardinal number that is the sum of nineteen and one.

(adj.) denoting a quantity consisting of 20 items or units .

手打:洛伊斯--From WordNet


(a.) One more that nineteen; twice; as, twenty men.

(a.) An indefinite number more or less that twenty.

(n.) The number next following nineteen; the sum of twelve and eight, or twice ten; twenty units or objects; a score.

(n.) A symbol representing twenty units, as 20, or xx.



adj. twice ten: nineteen and one: an indefinite number.—n. the number next after nineteen: the figures representing twenty: an old English division of infantry.—adj. Twen′tieth next after the nineteenth.—n. one of twenty equal parts of anything.—adv. Twen′tyfold twenty times as many.—adj. Twen′ty-four twenty and four.—n. the number made up of four and twenty: (pl. print.) a form of composed type or plates containing twenty-four leaves or forty-eight pages properly arranged for printing and folding: a book made up of sections of twenty-four pages.—n. Twen′ty-four′-mo written 24mo a leaf from a sheet of paper folded for a book in twenty-four equal parts: a book made up of leaves folded in twenty-four equal parts.





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