['prɪz(ə)n] or ['prɪzn]


(noun.) a correctional institution where persons are confined while on trial or for punishment.

(noun.) a prisonlike situation; a place of seeming confinement.

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(n.) A place where persons are confined, or restrained of personal liberty; hence, a place or state o/ confinement, restraint, or safe custody.

(n.) Specifically, a building for the safe custody or confinement of criminals and others committed by lawful authority.

(v. t.) To imprison; to shut up in, or as in, a prison; to confine; to restrain from liberty.

(v. t.) To bind (together); to enchain.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. Jail, penitentiary, bridewell, workhouse, house of correction, DUNGEON.

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n. a building for the confinement of criminals &c.: a jail: any place of confinement.—v.t. to shut in prison restrain.— Pris′on-bars whatever confines or restrains.—ns. Pris′oner one arrested or confined in prison: a captive; Pris′oner's- Pris′on-base a game among boys in which those who are caught in a certain way are confined as prisoners—a corr. of prison-bars; Pris′on-fē′ver typhus-fever; Pris′on-house place of confinement; Pris′onment (Shak.) confinement in a prison—usually imprisonment; Pris′on-ship; Pris′on-van a closed conveyance for carrying prisoners.—State prisoner one confined for a political offence in a state prison.

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Unserious Contents or Definition

To dream of a prison, is the forerunner of misfortune in every instance, if it encircles your friends, or yourself. To see any one dismissed from prison, denotes that you will finally overcome misfortune. See Jail.

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n. A place of punishments and rewards. The poet assures us that—

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