['pɒpjʊlə] or ['pɑpjəlɚ]


(adj.) (of music or art) new and of general appeal (especially among young people) .

(adj.) carried on by or for the people (or citizens) at large; 'the popular vote'; 'popular representation'; 'institutions of popular government' .

(adj.) regarded with great favor, approval, or affection especially by the general public; 'a popular tourist attraction'; 'a popular girl'; 'cabbage patch dolls are no longer popular' .

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(a.) Of or pertaining to the common people, or to the whole body of the people, as distinguished from a select portion; as, the popular voice; popular elections.

(a.) Suitable to common people; easy to be comprehended; not abstruse; familiar; plain.

(a.) Adapted to the means of the common people; possessed or obtainable by the many; hence, cheap; common; ordinary; inferior; as, popular prices; popular amusements.

(a.) Beloved or approved by the people; pleasing to people in general, or to many people; as, a popular preacher; a popular law; a popular administration.

(a.) Devoted to the common people; studious of the favor of the populace.

(a.) Prevailing among the people; epidemic; as, a popular disease.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. [1]. Plain, familiar, easy.[2]. Received (by the people), accepted, accredited, favorite, liked.[3]. Current, prevailing, prevalent, common, general, in vogue, in favor.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Common, current, vulgar, public, general, received, favorite, beloved,prevailing, approved, widespread, liked

ANT:Exclusive, restricted, scientific, esoteric, unpopular, odious, detested

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adj. pertaining to the people: pleasing to or prevailing among the people: enjoying the favour of the people: easily understood: inferior: (Shak.) vulgar.—n. Popularisā′tion.—v.t. Pop′ularise to make popular or suitable to the people: to spread among the people.—ns. Pop′ulariser; Popular′ity Pop′ularness quality or state of being popular or pleasing to the people: favour with the people: a desire to obtain favour with the people.—adv. Pop′ularly.—v.t. Pop′ulāte to people: to furnish with inhabitants.—v.i. to increase in numbers.—adj. populous.—n. Populā′tion act of populating: the number of the inhabitants of any place.—adj. Pop′ulous full of people: numerously inhabited: (Shak.) numerous.—adv. Pop′ulously.—n. Pop′ulousness.

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