(adj.) having the lower score or lagging position in a contest; 'behind by two points'; 'the 8th inning found the home team trailing' .

(adv.) in or to or toward the rear; 'he followed behind'; 'seen from behind, the house is more imposing than it is from the front'; 'the final runners were far behind'.

(adv.) remaining in a place or condition that has been left or departed from; 'when he died he left much unfinished work behind'; 'left a large family behind'; 'the children left their books behind'; 'he took off with a squeal of tires and left the other cars far behind'.

(adv.) in debt; 'he fell behind with his mortgage payments'; 'a month behind in the rent'; 'a company that has been run behindhand for years'; 'in arrears with their utility bills'.

(adv.) in or into an inferior position; 'fell behind in his studies'; 'their business was lagging behind in the competition for customers'.

(adv.) of timepieces; 'the clock is almost an hour slow'; 'my watch is running behind'.

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(a.) On the side opposite the front or nearest part; on the back side of; at the back of; on the other side of; as, behind a door; behind a hill.

(a.) Left after the departure of, whether this be by removing to a distance or by death.

(a.) Left a distance by, in progress of improvement Hence: Inferior to in dignity, rank, knowledge, or excellence, or in any achievement.

(adv.) At the back part; in the rear.

(adv.) Toward the back part or rear; backward; as, to look behind.

(adv.) Not yet brought forward, produced, or exhibited to view; out of sight; remaining.

(adv.) Backward in time or order of succession; past.

(adv.) After the departure of another; as, to stay behind.

(n.) The backside; the rump.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

prep. [1]. Abaft, at the back of, in the rear of.[2]. After, following.

ad. [1]. Backward, back.[2]. Abaft, aft, ASTERN, rearward, in the rear, at the back.

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prep. at the back of (place or as support): remaining after or coming after (time rank order): inferior to or not so far advanced as.—adv. at the back in the rear: backward: past.—adj. or adv. Behind′hand being behind: tardy or in arrears of debt &c.: clandestine.

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