[ə'nʌðə] or [ə'nʌðɚ]


(adj.) any of various alternatives; some other; 'put it off to another (or some other) day' .

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(pron. & a.) One more, in addition to a former number; a second or additional one, similar in likeness or in effect.

(pron. & a.) Not the same; different.

(pron. & a.) Any or some; any different person, indefinitely; any one else; some one else.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

a. [1]. Some other, any other, not the same.[2]. One more.

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adj. not the same: a different or distinct (thing or person): one more: a second: one more of the same kind: any other.—One another now used as a compound reciprocal pronoun (of two or more); One with another taken all together taken on the average.—You're another the vulgar Tu quoque.

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Checked by Kathy


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