[ɒf] or [ɔf]


(adj.) not performing or scheduled for duties; 'He's off every Tuesday' .

(adj.) not in operation or operational; 'the oven is off'; 'the lights are off' .

(adj.) (of events) no longer planned or scheduled; 'the wedding is definitely off' .

(adj.) below a satisfactory level; 'an off year for tennis'; 'his performance was off' .

(adj.) in an unpalatable state; 'sour milk' .

(adv.) no longer on or in contact or attached; 'clean off the dirt'; 'he shaved off his mustache'.

(adv.) at a distance in space or time; 'the boat was 5 miles off (or away)'; 'the party is still 2 weeks off (or away)'; 'away back in the 18th century'.

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(adv.) In a general sense, denoting from or away from; as:

(adv.) Denoting distance or separation; as, the house is a mile off.

(adv.) Denoting the action of removing or separating; separation; as, to take off the hat or cloak; to cut off, to pare off, to clip off, to peel off, to tear off, to march off, to fly off, and the like.

(adv.) Denoting a leaving, abandonment, departure, abatement, interruption, or remission; as, the fever goes off; the pain goes off; the game is off; all bets are off.

(adv.) Denoting a different direction; not on or towards: away; as, to look off.

(adv.) Denoting opposition or negation.

(interj.) Away; begone; -- a command to depart.

(prep.) Not on; away from; as, to be off one's legs or off the bed; two miles off the shore.

(a.) On the farther side; most distant; on the side of an animal or a team farthest from the driver when he is on foot; in the United States, the right side; as, the off horse or ox in a team, in distinction from the nigh or near horse or ox; the off leg.

(a.) Designating a time when one is not strictly attentive to business or affairs, or is absent from his post, and, hence, a time when affairs are not urgent; as, he took an off day for fishing: an off year in politics.

(n.) The side of the field that is on the right of the wicket keeper.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

prep. [1]. Not on, not upon.[2]. Facing, fronting, against, opposite, opposite to.

a. Most distant, on the farther side, on the right side.

ad. Away.

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adv. from: away from: on the opposite side of a question.—adj. most distant: on the opposite or farther side: on the side of a cricket-field right of the wicket-keeper and left of the bowler: not devoted to usual business as an Off day.—prep. not on.—interj. away! depart!—adj. and adv. Off′-and-on′ occasional.—adj. Off′-col′our of inferior value: indisposed.—n. Off′-come (Scot.) an apology pretext: any exhibition of temper &c.—adv. Off′-hand at once: without hesitating.—adj. without study: impromptu: free and easy.—adj. Off′ish reserved in manner.—ns. Off′-print a reprint of a single article from a magazine or other periodical—the French tirage ?part German Abdruck; Off′-reck′oning an allowance formerly made to certain British officers from the money appropriated for army clothing.—v.t. Off′saddle to unsaddle.—ns. Off′scouring matter scoured off: refuse: anything vile or despised; Off′-scum refuse or scum; Off′set (in accounts) a sum or value set off against another as an equivalent: a short lateral shoot or bulb: a terrace on a hillside: (archit.) a horizontal ledge on the face of a wall: in surveying a perpendicular from the main line to an outlying point.—v.t. (in accounts) to place against as an equivalent.—n. Off′shoot that which shoots off from the main stem stream &c.: anything growing out of another.—adv. Off′shore in a direction from the shore as a wind: at a distance from the shore.—adj. from the shore.—ns. Off′side the right-hand side in driving: the farther side; Off′spring that which springs from another: a child or children: issue: production of any kind.—Off one's chump head demented; Off one's feed indisposed to eat.—Be off to go away quickly; Come off Go off Show off Take off &c. (see Come Go Show Take &c.); Ill off poor or unfortunate; Tell off to count: to assign as for a special duty; Well off rich well provided.

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