[kləʊzd] or [klozd]


(adj.) not open or affording passage or access; 'the many closed streets made travel difficult'; 'our neighbors peeped from behind closed curtains' .

(adj.) used especially of mouth or eyes; 'he sat quietly with closed eyes'; 'his eyes were shut against the sunlight' .

(adj.) blocked against entry; 'a closed porch' .

(adj.) (set theory) of an interval that contains both its endpoints .

(adj.) not having an open mind; 'a closed mind unreceptive to new ideas' .

(adj.) not open to the general public; 'a closed meeting' .

(adj.) with shutters closed .

(adj.) requiring union membership; 'a closed shop' .

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(imp. & p. p.) of Close

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Checked by Bernadette


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