(verb.) make (a garment) fuller by pleating or gathering.

(verb.) beat for the purpose of cleaning and thickening; 'full the cloth'.

(adj.) having the normally expected amount; 'gives full measure'; 'gives good measure'; 'a good mile from here' .

(adj.) complete in extent or degree and in every particular; 'a full game'; 'a total eclipse'; 'a total disaster' .

(adj.) containing as much or as many as is possible or normal; 'a full glass'; 'a sky full of stars'; 'a full life'; 'the auditorium was full to overflowing' .

(adj.) (of sound) having marked deepness and body; 'full tones'; 'a full voice' .

(adj.) filled to satisfaction with food or drink; 'a full stomach' .

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(Compar.) Filled up, having within its limits all that it can contain; supplied; not empty or vacant; -- said primarily of hollow vessels, and hence of anything else; as, a cup full of water; a house full of people.

(Compar.) Abundantly furnished or provided; sufficient in. quantity, quality, or degree; copious; plenteous; ample; adequate; as, a full meal; a full supply; a full voice; a full compensation; a house full of furniture.

(Compar.) Not wanting in any essential quality; complete, entire; perfect; adequate; as, a full narrative; a person of full age; a full stop; a full face; the full moon.

(Compar.) Sated; surfeited.

(Compar.) Having the mind filled with ideas; stocked with knowledge; stored with information.

(Compar.) Having the attention, thoughts, etc., absorbed in any matter, and the feelings more or less excited by it, as, to be full of some project.

(Compar.) Filled with emotions.

(Compar.) Impregnated; made pregnant.

(n.) Complete measure; utmost extent; the highest state or degree.

(adv.) Quite; to the same degree; without abatement or diminution; with the whole force or effect; thoroughly; completely; exactly; entirely.

(v. i.) To become full or wholly illuminated; as, the moon fulls at midnight.

(n.) To thicken by moistening, heating, and pressing, as cloth; to mill; to make compact; to scour, cleanse, and thicken in a mill.

(v. i.) To become fulled or thickened; as, this material fulls well.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

a. [1]. Filled, replete.[2]. Abounding, well stocked or provided.[3]. Satiated, sated, glutted, cloyed, saturated.[4]. Complete, entire, perfect.[5]. Abundant, plentiful, copious, plenteous, sufficient, ample.[6]. Loud, deep, strong, clear, distinct.[7]. Comprehensive, capacious, broad, large, extensive.

ad. [1]. Quite, to the same degree.[2]. Completely, fully.[3]. Exactly, precisely, directly.

v. a. Thicken and cleanse (cloth).

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adj. having all it can contain: having no empty space: abundantly supplied or furnished: abounding: containing the whole matter: complete: perfect: strong: clear: (coll.) drunk: at poker consisting of three of a kind and a pair.—n. completest extent as of the moon: highest degree: the whole: time of full-moon.—v.t. to draw up or pucker the cloth on one side more than on the other.—adv. quite: to the same degree: with the whole effect: completely.—adjs. Full′-ā′corned (Shak.) full-fed with acorns; Full′-aged having reached one's majority.—n. Full′-blood an individual of pure blood.—adjs. Full′-blood′ed; Full′-bloomed in perfect bloom; Full′-blown blown or fully expanded as a flower; Full′-bott′omed having a full or large bottom as a wig.—n. Full′-dress the dress worn on occasions of state or ceremony.—adjs. Full′-eyed with large prominent eyes; Full′-faced having a full or broad face; Full′-fed fed to plumpness; Full′-fraught (Shak.) full-stored; Full′-grown grown to maturity; Full′-hand′ed bearing something valuable as a gift; Full′-heart′ed full of heart or courage: elated; Full′-hot (Shak.) heated to the utmost; Full′-length extending the whole length (n. a portrait showing such); Full-manned (Shak.) having a full crew.—ns. Full′-moon the moon with its whole disc illuminated when opposite the sun; Full′ness Ful′ness the state of being filled so as to have no part vacant: the state of abounding in anything: completeness: satiety: largeness: force and volume as of sound: (Shak.) plenty wealth.—adjs. Full′-orbed having the orb or disc fully illuminated as the full-moon: round; Full′-sailed unbounded absolute: moving onwards under full sail; Full-split (slang) with all one's might or speed; Full′-summed complete in all its parts.—n. Full′-swing the full extent or utmost limit.—adj. Full′-winged (Shak.) having perfect or strong wings.—adv. Full′y completely: entirely.—Full back (football) see Back.—At the full at the height as of one's good fortune &c.; In full without reduction; In the fullness of time at the proper or destined time.—To the full in full measure completely.

v.t. to press or pound cloth in a mill: to scour and thicken in a mill.—ns. Full′age the charge for fulling cloth; Full′er a bleacher or cleanser of cloth; Fuller's-earth a soft earth or clay capable of absorbing grease used in fulling or bleaching cloth; Fuller's-thistle -weed the teasel; Full′ery the place or works where fulling of cloth is carried on; Full′ing-mill a mill in which woollen cloth is fulled.

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