['ʌndə] or ['ʌndɚ]


(adj.) lower in rank, power, or authority; 'an under secretary' .

(adv.) further down; 'see under for further discussion'.

(adv.) down below; 'get under quickly!'.

(adv.) below the horizon; 'the sun went under'.

(adv.) below some quantity or limit; 'fifty dollars or under'.

(adv.) in or into a state of subordination or subjugation; 'we must keep our disappointment under'.

(adv.) down to defeat, death, or ruin; 'their competitors went under'.

(adv.) into unconsciousness; 'this will put the patient under'.

(adv.) through a range downward; 'children six and under will be admitted free'.

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(prep.) Below or lower, in place or position, with the idea of being covered; lower than; beneath; -- opposed to over; as, he stood under a tree; the carriage is under cover; a cellar extends under the whole house.

(prep.) Denoting relation to some thing or person that is superior, weighs upon, oppresses, bows down, governs, directs, influences powerfully, or the like, in a relation of subjection, subordination, obligation, liability, or the like; as, to travel under a heavy load; to live under extreme oppression; to have fortitude under the evils of life; to have patience under pain, or under misfortunes; to behave like a Christian under reproaches and injuries; under the pains and penalties of the law; the condition under which one enters upon an office; under the necessity of obeying the laws; under vows of chastity.

(prep.) Denoting relation to something that exceeds in rank or degree, in number, size, weight, age, or the like; in a relation of the less to the greater, of inferiority, or of falling short.

(prep.) Denoting relation to something that comprehends or includes, that represents or designates, that furnishes a cover, pretext, pretense, or the like; as, he betrayed him under the guise of friendship; Morpheus is represented under the figure of a boy asleep.

(prep.) Less specifically, denoting the relation of being subject, of undergoing regard, treatment, or the like; as, a bill under discussion.

(adv.) In a lower, subject, or subordinate condition; in subjection; -- used chiefly in a few idiomatic phrases; as, to bring under, to reduce to subjection; to subdue; to keep under, to keep in subjection; to control; to go under, to be unsuccessful; to fail.

(a.) Lower in position, intensity, rank, or degree; subject; subordinate; -- generally in composition with a noun, and written with or without the hyphen; as, an undercurrent; undertone; underdose; under-garment; underofficer; undersheriff.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

prep. [1]. Beneath, below.[2]. Subordinate to, subject to, in subordination to.[3]. Below, less than, with less than.[4]. By means of.[5]. When exposed to, while suffering.[6]. In, in the state or condition of.[7]. Attested by, authorized by, signed by.

ad. In subjection.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Below, underneath, beneath, subordinate, lower, inferior,[See {[}]?}]

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prep. in a lower position than: beneath: below: less than falling short of: in subjection subordination oppression liability &c.: during the time of: undergoing: in accordance with: in in course of.—adv. in a lower degree or condition: in subjection: below: less.—adj. lower in position rank or degree: subject: subordinate.—Under arms in readiness to use arms or weapons; Under fire exposed to the fire or shot of any enemy; Under one's hand (see Hand); Under one's nose under one's close observation; Under sail moved by sails: in motion; Under the breath with low voice very softly; Under the lee to the leeward; Under the rose (see Rose); Under water below the surface of the water; Under way moving: having commenced a voyage.

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