[bɪ'fɔː] or [bɪ'fɔr]


(prep.) In front of; preceding in space; ahead of; as, to stand before the fire; before the house.

(prep.) Preceding in time; earlier than; previously to; anterior to the time when; -- sometimes with the additional idea of purpose; in order that.

(prep.) An advance of; farther onward, in place or time.

(prep.) Prior or preceding in dignity, order, rank, right, or worth; rather than.

(prep.) In presence or sight of; face to face with; facing.

(prep.) Under the cognizance or jurisdiction of.

(prep.) Open for; free of access to; in the power of.

(adv.) On the fore part; in front, or in the direction of the front; -- opposed to in the rear.

(adv.) In advance.

(adv.) In time past; previously; already.

(adv.) Earlier; sooner than; until then.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

prep. [1]. Preceding.[2]. Prior to, previous to.[3]. In the presence of, face to face with.[4]. Near the front of, in front of.

ad. [1]. Toward the front.[2]. In advance, farther onward.[3]. Formerly, in time past, of old.[4]. Hitherto, up to that time.[5]. Above, in a former part.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Precedently, anteriorly, antecedently

ANT:After, afterwards, subsequently, posteriorly, later, behind

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prep. in front of (time or place): in presence or sight of (Before God): under the cognisance of as in before the court the magistrate or the house: previous to: in preference to: superior to.—adv. in front: sooner than hitherto.—conj. previous to the time when (often with that).—advs. Before′hand before the time: by way of preparation; Before′time in former time.—To be beforehand with to forestall in any action.

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