[wɔːn] or [wɔrn]


(verb.) notify, usually in advance; 'I warned you that I would ask some difficult questions'.

(verb.) ask to go away; 'The old man warned the children off his property'.

(verb.) notify of danger, potential harm, or risk; 'The director warned him that he might be fired'; 'The doctor warned me about the dangers of smoking'.

(verb.) admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior; 'I warned him not to go too far'; 'I warn you against false assumptions'; 'She warned him to be quiet'.

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(v. t.) To refuse.

(v. t.) To make ware or aware; to give previous information to; to give notice to; to notify; to admonish; hence, to notify or summon by authority; as, to warn a town meeting; to warn a tenant to quit a house.

(v. t.) To give notice to, of approaching or probable danger or evil; to caution against anything that may prove injurious.

(v. t.) To ward off.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

v. a. [1]. Caution (against danger), premonish, forewarn, exhort to take heed.[2]. Admonish (with respect to some duty), advise.[3]. Inform, notify, apprise, disclose to, mention to, communicate to, make aware, make acquainted, give notice to.[4]. Summon, bid, call.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Premonish, monish, admonish, notify, dissuade, deter, alarm

ANT:Encourage, incite, instigate, induce

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v.t. to make wary or aware: to put on ward or guard: to give notice of danger: to caution against: to admonish: (Spens.) to defend.—ns. War′ner; War′ning caution against danger &c.: admonition: previous notice: notice to quit notice of the termination of an engagement &c.: summons call.—adj. of threatening aspect.—adv. War′ningly.

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