(verb.) raise; 'up the ante'.

(adj.) open; 'the windows are up' .

(adj.) being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level; 'the anchor is up'; 'the sun is up'; 'he lay face up'; 'he is up by a pawn'; 'the market is up'; 'the corn is up' .

(adj.) used up; 'time is up' .

(adj.) (used of computers) operating properly; 'how soon will the computers be up?' .

(adj.) (usually followed by `on' or `for') in readiness; 'he was up on his homework'; 'had to be up for the game' .

(adj.) extending or moving toward a higher place; 'the up staircase'; 'a general upward movement of fish' .

(adv.) spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position; 'look up!'; 'the music surged up'; 'the fragments flew upwards'; 'prices soared upwards'; 'upwardly mobile'.

(adv.) to a later time; 'they moved the meeting date up'; 'from childhood upward'.

(adv.) to a more central or a more northerly place; 'was transferred up to headquarters'; 'up to Canada for a vacation'.

(adv.) nearer to the speaker; 'he walked up and grabbed my lapels'.

(adv.) to a higher intensity; 'he turned up the volume'.

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(adv.) Aloft; on high; in a direction contrary to that of gravity; toward or in a higher place or position; above; -- the opposite of down.

(adv.) From a lower to a higher position, literally or figuratively; as, from a recumbent or sitting position; from the mouth, toward the source, of a river; from a dependent or inferior condition; from concealment; from younger age; from a quiet state, or the like; -- used with verbs of motion expressed or implied.

(adv.) In a higher place or position, literally or figuratively; in the state of having arisen; in an upright, or nearly upright, position; standing; mounted on a horse; in a condition of elevation, prominence, advance, proficiency, excitement, insurrection, or the like; -- used with verbs of rest, situation, condition, and the like; as, to be up on a hill; the lid of the box was up; prices are up.

(adv.) To or in a position of equal advance or equality; not short of, back of, less advanced than, away from, or the like; -- usually followed by to or with; as, to be up to the chin in water; to come up with one's companions; to come up with the enemy; to live up to engagements.

(adv.) To or in a state of completion; completely; wholly; quite; as, in the phrases to eat up; to drink up; to burn up; to sum up; etc.; to shut up the eyes or the mouth; to sew up a rent.

(adv.) Aside, so as not to be in use; as, to lay up riches; put up your weapons.

(prep.) From a lower to a higher place on, upon, or along; at a higher situation upon; at the top of.

(prep.) From the coast towards the interior of, as a country; from the mouth towards the source of, as a stream; as, to journey up the country; to sail up the Hudson.

(prep.) Upon.

(n.) The state of being up or above; a state of elevation, prosperity, or the like; -- rarely occurring except in the phrase ups and downs.

(a.) Inclining up; tending or going up; upward; as, an up look; an up grade; the up train.

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adv. toward a higher place: aloft: on high: from a lower to a higher position as out of bed above the horizon &c.: in a higher position: in a condition of elevation advance excitement &c.: as far as abreast of: completely: at an end over.—prep. from a lower to a higher place on or along.—adj. inclining up upward.—n. in phrase 'ups and downs ' rises and falls vicissitudes.—adv. Up′-and-down′ upright: here and there.—adj. plain downright.—Up stick to pack up; Up to (coll.) about engaged in doing; Up to anything capable of and ready for any mischief; Up to date to the present time: containing all recent facts statistics &c.: knowing the latest developments of fashion usage &c.; Up to snuff (see Snuff); Up to the knocker (slang) up to the required standard excellent; Up town (coll.) pertaining to the upper part of a town: towards the upper part of a town.

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