[ɪg'zɑːmp(ə)l;eg-] or [ɪg'zæmpl]


(noun.) an item of information that is typical of a class or group; 'this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome'; 'there is an example on page 10'.

(noun.) punishment intended as a warning to others; 'they decided to make an example of him'.

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(n.) One or a portion taken to show the character or quality of the whole; a sample; a specimen.

(n.) That which is to be followed or imitated as a model; a pattern or copy.

(n.) That which resembles or corresponds with something else; a precedent; a model.

(n.) That which is to be avoided; one selected for punishment and to serve as a warning; a warning.

(n.) An instance serving for illustration of a rule or precept, especially a problem to be solved, or a case to be determined, as an exercise in the application of the rules of any study or branch of science; as, in trigonometry and grammar, the principles and rules are illustrated by examples.

(v. t.) To set an example for; to give a precedent for; to exemplify; to give an instance of; to instance.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. [1]. Pattern, copy, model, archetype, prototype.[2]. Precedent.[3]. Instance, illustration, exemplification, case in point.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Sample, specimen, pattern, model, copy, illustration, in, stance, issue,development

ANT:Stock_material, substantial, law, rule, character, principle, system, quality,case

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n. that which is taken as a specimen of the rest or as an illustration of the rule &c.: the person or thing to be imitated or avoided: a pattern: a warning: a former instance.—v.t. to exemplify: to instance.—n. Exam′plar a pattern model.—adj. Exam′plary serving for an example.

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