[sʌm;s(ə)m] or [sʌm]


(adj.) remarkable; 'that was some party'; 'she is some skier' .

(adj.) relatively many but unspecified in number; 'they were here for some weeks'; 'we did not meet again for some years' .

(adj.) relatively much but unspecified in amount or extent; 'we talked for some time'; 'he was still some distance away' .

(adj.) quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns to indicate an unspecified number or quantity; 'have some milk'; 'some roses were still blooming'; 'having some friends over'; 'some apples'; 'some paper' .

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(a.) Consisting of a greater or less portion or sum; composed of a quantity or number which is not stated; -- used to express an indefinite quantity or number; as, some wine; some water; some persons. Used also pronominally; as, I have some.

(a.) A certain; one; -- indicating a person, thing, event, etc., as not known individually, or designated more specifically; as, some man, that is, some one man.

(a.) Not much; a little; moderate; as, the censure was to some extent just.

(a.) About; near; more or less; -- used commonly with numerals, but formerly also with a singular substantive of time or distance; as, a village of some eighty houses; some two or three persons; some hour hence.

(a.) Considerable in number or quality.

(a.) Certain; those of one part or portion; -- in distinct from other or others; as, some men believe one thing, and others another.

(a.) A part; a portion; -- used pronominally, and followed sometimes by of; as, some of our provisions.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

a. [1]. More or less, a certain quantity of, a certain number of.[2]. One (indefinitely), a, an, any.[3]. About, near.[4]. Several, a considerable number.[5]. Some people, some persons.[6]. A part, a portion.

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adj. denoting an indefinite number or quantity: certain in distinction from others: moderate or in a certain degree: about.—adv. (prov.) somewhat in some degree.—n. Some′body some or any body or person: a person of importance.—advs. Some′deal Some′dele (Spens.) in some degree somewhat; Some′gate (Scot.) somewhere somehow; Some′how in some way or other.—adj. Some′-such somewhat of that kind.—n. Some′thing an indefinite thing or event: a portion an indefinite quantity.—adv. in some degree.—advs. Some′time at a time not fixed: once: at one time or other; Some′times at certain times: now and then: at one time: (B.) once formerly.—n. Some′what an unfixed quantity or degree.—adv. in some degree.—advs. Some′when some time or other; Some′where in some place: in one place or another; Some′while sometimes at times; Some′whither to some place.

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