[sɔː] or [sɔ]


(noun.) hand tool having a toothed blade for cutting.

(verb.) cut with a saw; 'saw wood for the fireplace'.

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(-) imp. of See.

(v. t.) Something said; speech; discourse.

(v. t.) A saying; a proverb; a maxim.

(v. t.) Dictate; command; decree.

(n.) An instrument for cutting or dividing substances, as wood, iron, etc., consisting of a thin blade, or plate, of steel, with a series of sharp teeth on the edge, which remove successive portions of the material by cutting and tearing.

(v. t.) To cut with a saw; to separate with a saw; as, to saw timber or marble.

(v. t.) To form by cutting with a saw; as, to saw boards or planks, that is, to saw logs or timber into boards or planks; to saw shingles; to saw out a panel.

(v. t.) Also used figuratively; as, to saw the air.

(v. i.) To use a saw; to practice sawing; as, a man saws well.

(v. i.) To cut, as a saw; as, the saw or mill saws fast.

(v. i.) To be cut with a saw; as, the timber saws smoothly.

(imp.) of See

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. Saying, maxim, adage, proverb, aphorism, apothegm, dictum, by-word, sententious precept.

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n. (Scot.) salve.

n. a saying: a proverb: a degree: a joke.

n. an instrument for cutting formed of a blade band or disc of thin steel with a toothed edge.—v.t. to cut with a saw.—v.i. to use a saw: to be cut with a saw:—pa.t. sawed; pa.p. sawed or sawn.—ns. Saw′-back the larva of an American bombycid moth; Saw′-bones a slang name for a surgeon; Saw′dust dust or small pieces of wood &c. made in sawing; Saw′er; Saw′-file a three-cornered file used for sharpening the teeth of saws; Saw′-fish a genus of cartilaginous fishes distinguished by the prolongation of the snout into a formidable weapon bordered on each side by sharp teeth; Saw′-fly the common name of a number of hymenopterous insects injurious to plants; Saw′-frame the frame in which a saw is set; Saw′-grass a marsh plant of the southern states of the American Union with long slender leaves; Saw′-horn any insect with serrate antenn? Saw′mill a mill for sawing timber; Saw′pit a pit where wood is sawed; Saw′-set an instrument for turning the teeth of saws alternately right and left; Saw′-sharp′ener the greater titmouse; Saw′-tā′ble the platform of a sawing-machine; Saw′-tem′pering the process by which the requisite hardness and elasticity are given to a saw.—adj. Saw′-toothed having teeth like those of a saw: (bot.) having tooth-like notches as a leaf.—ns. Saw′-whet the Acadian owl; Saw′-whet′ter the marsh titmouse; Saw′yer one who saws timber: a stranded tree in a river in America: any wood-boring larva: the bowfin fish.

pa.t. of see.

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Unserious Contents or Definition

To dream that you use a hand-saw, indicates an energetic and busy time, and cheerful home life. To see big saws in machinery, foretells that you will superintend a big enterprise, and the same will yield fair returns. For a woman, this dream denotes that she will be esteemed, and her counsels will be heeded. To dream of rusty or broken saws, denotes failure and accidents. To lose a saw, you will engage in affairs which will culminate in disaster. To hear the buzz of a saw, indicates thrift and prosperity. To find a rusty saw, denotes that you will probably restore your fortune. To carry a saw on your back, foretells that you will carry large, but profitable, responsibilities.

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Unserious Contents or Definition

n. A trite popular saying or proverb. (Figurative and colloquial.) So called because it makes its way into a wooden head. Following are examples of old saws fitted with new teeth.

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