[ʃɒp] or [ʃɑp]


(noun.) a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; 'he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod'.

(verb.) do one's shopping; 'She goes shopping every Friday'.

(verb.) shop around; not necessarily buying; 'I don't need help, I'm just browsing'.

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(-) imp. of Shape. Shaped.

(n.) A building or an apartment in which goods, wares, drugs, etc., are sold by retail.

(n.) A building in which mechanics or artisans work; as, a shoe shop; a car shop.

(v. i.) To visit shops for the purpose of purchasing goods.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. Store.

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n. a building in which goods are sold by retail: a place where mechanics work or where any kind of industry is pursued: one's own business or profession also talk about such.—v.i. to visit shops for the purpose of buying.—v.t. (slang) to imprison:—pr.p. shop′ping; pa.p. shopped.—ns. Shop′-bell a small automatic bell hung to give notice of the opening of a shop-door; Shop′-board a bench on which work esp. that of tailors is done; Shop′-boy -girl a boy or girl employed in a shop; Shop′-keeper one who keeps a shop for the sale of goods by retail; Shop′keeping the business of keeping a shop; Shop′-lift′er; Shop′-lift′ing lifting or stealing anything from a shop; Shop′man one who serves in a shop: a shopkeeper; Shopoc′racy shopkeepers collectively; Shop′ping the act of visiting shops to see and buy goods.—adj. Shop′py commercial: abounding in shops: given to talking shop: concerning one's own pursuit.—ns. Shop′-walk′er one who walks about in a shop and sees the customers attended to; Shop′woman a woman employed in a shop.—adj. Shop′-worn somewhat tarnished by being exposed in a shop.—Fancy shop a shop where fancy goods are sold.—Shut up shop (coll.) to abandon any enterprise; The other shop (slang) a rival institution or establishment; The whole shop (slang) entirely; Talk shop (coll.) to converse unseasonably about one's own profession.

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Unserious Contents or Definition

To dream of a shop, denotes that you will be opposed in every attempt you make for advancement by scheming and jealous friends. See Store.

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