[wɜːd] or [wɝd]


(noun.) a unit of language that native speakers can identify; 'words are the blocks from which sentences are made'; 'he hardly said ten words all morning'.

(noun.) a brief statement; 'he didn't say a word about it'.

(noun.) a verbal command for action; 'when I give the word, charge!'.

(noun.) a word is a string of bits stored in computer memory; 'large computers use words up to 64 bits long'.

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(n.) The spoken sign of a conception or an idea; an articulate or vocal sound, or a combination of articulate and vocal sounds, uttered by the human voice, and by custom expressing an idea or ideas; a single component part of human speech or language; a constituent part of a sentence; a term; a vocable.

(n.) Hence, the written or printed character, or combination of characters, expressing such a term; as, the words on a page.

(n.) Talk; discourse; speech; language.

(n.) Account; tidings; message; communication; information; -- used only in the singular.

(n.) Signal; order; command; direction.

(n.) Language considered as implying the faith or authority of the person who utters it; statement; affirmation; declaration; promise.

(n.) Verbal contention; dispute.

(n.) A brief remark or observation; an expression; a phrase, clause, or short sentence.

(v. i.) To use words, as in discussion; to argue; to dispute.

(v. t.) To express in words; to phrase.

(v. t.) To ply with words; also, to cause to be by the use of a word or words.

(v. t.) To flatter with words; to cajole.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. [1]. Vocable, TERM, expression.[2]. Report, tidings, account, advice, intelligence, information.[3]. Statement, affirmation, declaration, assertion, averment.[4]. Promise, pledge, assurance, engagement.[5]. Order, command, signal.[6]. Scripture, Word of God.[7]. [With The prefixed] Christ.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Term, expression, message, account, tidings, order, vocable, signal,engagement, promise

ANT:Idea, conception

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n. an oral or written sign expressing an idea or notion: talk discourse: signal or sign: message: promise: declaration: a pass-word a watch-word a war-cry: the Holy Scripture or a part of it: (pl.) verbal contention.—v.t. to express in words: (Shak.) to flatter.—v.i. to speak talk.—ns. Word′-blind′ness loss of ability to read; Word′-book a book with a collection of words: a vocabulary.—adj. Word′-bound unable to find expression in words.—n. Word′-build′ing the formation or composition of words.—adj. Wor′ded expressed in words.—adv. Wor′dily.—ns. Wor′diness; Wor′ding act manner or style of expressing in words.—adj. Wor′dish (obs.) verbose.—n. Wor′dishness.—adj. Word′less (Shak.) without words silent.—ns. Word′-mem′ory the power of recalling words to the mind; Word′-paint′er one who describes vividly; Word′-paint′ing the act of describing anything clearly and fully by words only; Word′-pic′ture a description in words which presents an object to the mind as if in a picture.—adj. Wor′dy full of words: using or containing many words.—Word for word literally verbatim.—Break one's word to fail to fulfil a promise; By word of mouth orally; Good word favourable mention praise; Hard words angry hot words; Have a word with to have some conversation with; Have words with to quarrel dispute with; In a word In one word in short to sum up; In word in speech only in profession only; Pass one's word to make a promise; The Word the Scripture: (theol.) the second person in the Trinity the Logos.

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