[ɔːt] or [ɔt]


(n. & adv.) See Aught.

(imp., p. p., or auxi) Was or were under obligation to pay; owed.

(imp., p. p., or auxi) Owned; possessed.

(imp., p. p., or auxi) To be bound in duty or by moral obligation.

(imp., p. p., or auxi) To be necessary, fit, becoming, or expedient; to behoove; -- in this sense formerly sometimes used impersonally or without a subject expressed.

(-) of Owe

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v.i. to be under obligation: to be proper or necessary.—n. Ought′ness rightness.

n. (same as Aught) a vulgar corr. of nought.—adv. (Scot.) Ought′lings at all in any degree.

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