(noun.) money extracted as a penalty.

(adj.) characterized by elegance or refinement or accomplishment; 'fine wine'; 'looking fine in her Easter suit'; 'a fine gentleman'; 'fine china and crystal'; 'a fine violinist'; 'the fine hand of a master' .

(adj.) minutely precise especially in differences in meaning; 'a fine distinction' .

(adj.) free from impurities; having a high or specified degree of purity; 'gold 21 carats fine' .

(adj.) of textures that are smooth to the touch or substances consisting of relatively small particles; 'wood with a fine grain'; 'fine powdery snow'; 'fine rain'; 'batiste is a cotton fabric with a fine weave'; 'covered with a fine film of dust' .

(adj.) thin in thickness or diameter; 'a fine film of oil'; 'fine hairs'; 'read the fine print' .

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(superl.) Finished; brought to perfection; refined; hence, free from impurity; excellent; superior; elegant; worthy of admiration; accomplished; beautiful.

(superl.) Aiming at show or effect; loaded with ornament; overdressed or overdecorated; showy.

(superl.) Nice; delicate; subtle; exquisite; artful; skillful; dexterous.

(superl.) Not coarse, gross, or heavy

(superl.) Not gross; subtile; thin; tenous.

(superl.) Not coarse; comminuted; in small particles; as, fine sand or flour.

(superl.) Not thick or heavy; slender; filmy; as, a fine thread.

(superl.) Thin; attenuate; keen; as, a fine edge.

(superl.) Made of fine materials; light; delicate; as, fine linen or silk.

(superl.) Having (such) a proportion of pure metal in its composition; as, coins nine tenths fine.

(superl.) (Used ironically.)

(a.) To make fine; to refine; to purify, to clarify; as, to fine gold.

(a.) To make finer, or less coarse, as in bulk, texture, etc.; as. to fine the soil.

(a.) To change by fine gradations; as (Naut.), to fine down a ship's lines, to diminish her lines gradually.

(n.) End; conclusion; termination; extinction.

(n.) A sum of money paid as the settlement of a claim, or by way of terminating a matter in dispute; especially, a payment of money imposed upon a party as a punishment for an offense; a mulct.

(n.) A final agreement concerning lands or rents between persons, as the lord and his vassal.

(n.) A sum of money or price paid for obtaining a benefit, favor, or privilege, as for admission to a copyhold, or for obtaining or renewing a lease.

(n.) To impose a pecuniary penalty upon for an offense or breach of law; to set a fine on by judgment of a court; to punish by fine; to mulct; as, the trespassers were fined ten dollars.

(v. i.) To pay a fine. See Fine, n., 3 (b).

(v. t.) To finish; to cease; or to cause to cease.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

a. [1]. Minute, small, little, comminuted.[2]. Slender, delicate, CAPILLARY, not coarse.[3]. Light, of delicate material, of fine texture.[4]. Keen, sharp.[5]. Thin, subtile, tenuous, not gross.[6]. Exquisite, nice, refined.[7]. Excellent, superior, very good.[8]. Brilliant, accomplished.[9]. Beautiful, handsome, splendid, elegant.[10]. Clear, pure, unadulterated.[11]. [As a term of slight contempt.] Showy, gairish, gay, flashy, airy, sparkish.

n. Mulct, amercement, forfeit, forfeiture, pecuniary penalty.

v. a. [1]. Defecate, purify, refine.[2]. Amerce, mulct, impose a fine upon, punish by a fine.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Thin, minute, slender, delicate, pure, smooth, filmy, gauzy, keen, artistic,choice, finished, high, Grand, noble, sensitive, refined, generous, honorable,excellent, superior, pretty, beautiful, showy, elegant, ostentatious,presumptuous, nice, casuistical, subtle

ANT:Coarse, large, rough, blunt, rude, unfinished, mean, petty, illiberal,unimposing, paltry, modest, unaffected, affable, categorical, plain-spoken,unanalytical, unreflective, indissective

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adj. excellent: beautiful: not coarse or heavy: subtle: thin: slender: exquisite: nice: delicate: overdone: showy: splendid: striking or remarkable (often ironically): pure refined: consisting of small particles; sharp keen.—v.t. to make fine: to refine: to purify: to change by imperceptible degrees.—adv. (Scot.) for finely well.—v.t. Fine′-draw to draw or sew up a rent so finely that it is not seen.—p.adj. Fine′-drawn drawn out too finely.—adj. Fine′ish somewhat fine.—adv. Fine′ly.—ns. Fine′ness; Fin′er (same as Refiner); Fin′ery splendour fine or showy things: a place where anything is fined or refined: a furnace for making iron malleable.—adjs. Fine′-spok′en using fine phrases; Fine′-spun finely spun out: artfully contrived.—Fine arts as painting sculpture music those chiefly concerned with the beautiful—opp. to the Useful or Industrial arts.

n. a composition: a sum of money imposed as a punishment.—v.t. to impose a fine on: to punish by fine: (Shak.) to pledge or pawn.—adj. Fine′less (Shak.) endless.—In fine in conclusion.

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