(adv.) In what manner or way; by what means or process.

(adv.) To what degree or extent, number or amount; in what proportion; by what measure or quality.

(adv.) For what reason; from what cause.

(adv.) In what state, condition, or plight.

(adv.) By what name, designation, or title.

(adv.) At what price; how dear.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

ad. [1]. In what manner, in what way, by what mode, by what means.[2]. To what extent, to what degree.[3]. For what cause, for what reason.[4]. In what state, in what condition, in what plight.

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adv. in what manner: to what extent: for what reason: by what means: from what cause: in what condition: (N.T.) sometimes=that.—The how and the why the manner and the cause.

n. (prov.) a low hill.

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Checked by Conan


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