['brekfəst] or ['brɛkfəst]


(noun.) the first meal of the day (usually in the morning).

(verb.) eat an early morning meal; 'We breakfast at seven'.

(verb.) provide breakfast for.

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(n.) The first meal in the day, or that which is eaten at the first meal.

(n.) A meal after fasting, or food in general.

(v. i.) To break one's fast in the morning; too eat the first meal in the day.

(v. t.) To furnish with breakfast.

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n. a break or breaking of a fast: the first meal of the day.—v.i. to take breakfast.—v.t. to furnish with breakfast.—ns. Break′fasting the act of taking breakfast: a party at breakfast; Break′fast-set the china or other ware used at breakfast.

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Is favorable to persons engaged in mental work. To see a breakfast of fresh milk and eggs and a well filled dish of ripe fruit, indicates hasty, but favorable changes. If you are eating alone, it means you will fall into your enemies' trap. If you are eating with others it is good. See Meals.

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