[sə'luːʃ(ə)n] or [sə'luʃən]


(noun.) the successful action of solving a problem; 'the solution took three hours'.

(noun.) a method for solving a problem; 'the easy solution is to look it up in the handbook'.

(noun.) a statement that solves a problem or explains how to solve the problem; 'they were trying to find a peaceful solution'; 'the answers were in the back of the book'; 'he computed the result to four decimal places'.

(noun.) the set of values that give a true statement when substituted into an equation.

(noun.) a homogeneous mixture of two or more substances; frequently (but not necessarily) a liquid solution; 'he used a solution of peroxide and water'.

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(n.) The act of separating the parts of any body, or the condition of undergoing a separation of parts; disruption; breach.

(n.) The act of solving, or the state of being solved; the disentanglement of any intricate problem or difficult question; explanation; clearing up; -- used especially in mathematics, either of the process of solving an equation or problem, or the result of the process.

(n.) The state of being dissolved or disintegrated; resolution; disintegration.

(n.) The act or process by which a body (whether solid, liquid, or gaseous) is absorbed into a liquid, and, remaining or becoming fluid, is diffused throughout the solvent; also, the product reulting from such absorption.

(n.) release; deliverance; discharge.

(n.) The termination of a disease; resolution.

(n.) A crisis.

(n.) A liquid medicine or preparation (usually aqueous) in which the solid ingredients are wholly soluble.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. [1]. Disruption, separation, breach, disjunction, disintegration.[2]. Explanation, explication, resolution, disentanglement, key.[3]. Liquefaction, dissolution, melting.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Separation, discerption, disruption, breach, discontinuance, disconnection,disentanglement, elucidation, explanation, key, answer, resolution,disintegration

ANT:Union, combination, amalgamation, continuity, connection, {[con]?}, junction,entanglement, complication, confusion, mystification, obscurity, integration

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n. act of solving or dissolving esp. a solid by a fluid: the separating of the parts of any body: the preparation resulting from dissolving a solid in a liquid: explanation: removal of a doubt: construction or solving of a problem: the crisis of a disease.—adj. Solūte′ loose free: merry cheerful: (bot.) not adhering.—v.t. (Bacon) to dissolve.—adj. Sol′ūtive tending to dissolve: loosening.—Solution of continuity (surg.) the separation of parts normally continuous by fracture &c.

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