[hed] or [hɛd]


(noun.) a single domestic animal; '200 head of cattle'.

(noun.) a projection out from one end; 'the head of the nail', 'a pinhead is the head of a pin'.

(noun.) (nautical) a toilet on board a boat or ship.

(noun.) the striking part of a tool; 'the head of the hammer'.

(noun.) (usually plural) the obverse side of a coin that usually bears the representation of a person's head; 'call heads or tails!'.

(noun.) that part of a skeletal muscle that is away from the bone that it moves.

(noun.) the upper part of the human body or the front part of the body in animals; contains the face and brains; 'he stuck his head out the window'.

(noun.) the rounded end of a bone that fits into a rounded cavity in another bone to form a joint; 'the head of the humerus'.

(noun.) (grammar) the word in a grammatical constituent that plays the same grammatical role as the whole constituent.

(noun.) the front of a military formation or procession; 'the head of the column advanced boldly'; 'they were at the head of the attack'.

(noun.) the top of something; 'the head of the stairs'; 'the head of the page'; 'the head of the list'.

(noun.) the foam or froth that accumulates at the top when you pour an effervescent liquid into a container; 'the beer had a large head of foam'.

(noun.) a rounded compact mass; 'the head of a comet'.

(noun.) a user of (usually soft) drugs; 'the office was full of secret heads'.

(noun.) a person who is in charge; 'the head of the whole operation'.

(noun.) an individual person; 'tickets are $5 per head'.

(noun.) the pressure exerted by a fluid; 'a head of steam'.

(noun.) the length or height based on the size of a human or animal head; 'he is two heads taller than his little sister'; 'his horse won by a head'.

(noun.) the tip of an abscess (where the pus accumulates).

(verb.) remove the head of; 'head the fish'.

(verb.) to go or travel towards; 'where is she heading'; 'We were headed for the mountains'.

(verb.) be in charge of; 'Who is heading this project?'.

(verb.) form a head or come or grow to a head; 'The wheat headed early this year'.

(verb.) be in the front of or on top of; 'The list was headed by the name of the president'.

(verb.) be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel; 'This student heads the class'.

(verb.) take its rise; 'These rivers head from a mountain range in the Himalayas'.

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(n.) The anterior or superior part of an animal, containing the brain, or chief ganglia of the nervous system, the mouth, and in the higher animals, the chief sensory organs; poll; cephalon.

(n.) The uppermost, foremost, or most important part of an inanimate object; such a part as may be considered to resemble the head of an animal; often, also, the larger, thicker, or heavier part or extremity, in distinction from the smaller or thinner part, or from the point or edge; as, the head of a cane, a nail, a spear, an ax, a mast, a sail, a ship; that which covers and closes the top or the end of a hollow vessel; as, the head of a cask or a steam boiler.

(n.) The place where the head should go; as, the head of a bed, of a grave, etc.; the head of a carriage, that is, the hood which covers the head.

(n.) The most prominent or important member of any organized body; the chief; the leader; as, the head of a college, a school, a church, a state, and the like.

(n.) The place or honor, or of command; the most important or foremost position; the front; as, the head of the table; the head of a column of soldiers.

(n.) Each one among many; an individual; -- often used in a plural sense; as, a thousand head of cattle.

(n.) The seat of the intellect; the brain; the understanding; the mental faculties; as, a good head, that is, a good mind; it never entered his head, it did not occur to him; of his own head, of his own thought or will.

(n.) The source, fountain, spring, or beginning, as of a stream or river; as, the head of the Nile; hence, the altitude of the source, or the height of the surface, as of water, above a given place, as above an orifice at which it issues, and the pressure resulting from the height or from motion; sometimes also, the quantity in reserve; as, a mill or reservoir has a good head of water, or ten feet head; also, that part of a gulf or bay most remote from the outlet or the sea.

(n.) A headland; a promontory; as, Gay Head.

(n.) A separate part, or topic, of a discourse; a theme to be expanded; a subdivision; as, the heads of a sermon.

(n.) Culminating point or crisis; hence, strength; force; height.

(n.) Power; armed force.

(n.) A headdress; a covering of the head; as, a laced head; a head of hair.

(n.) An ear of wheat, barley, or of one of the other small cereals.

(n.) A dense cluster of flowers, as in clover, daisies, thistles; a capitulum.

(n.) A dense, compact mass of leaves, as in a cabbage or a lettuce plant.

(n.) The antlers of a deer.

(n.) A rounded mass of foam which rises on a pot of beer or other effervescing liquor.

(n.) Tiles laid at the eaves of a house.

(a.) Principal; chief; leading; first; as, the head master of a school; the head man of a tribe; a head chorister; a head cook.

(v. t.) To be at the head of; to put one's self at the head of; to lead; to direct; to act as leader to; as, to head an army, an expedition, or a riot.

(v. t.) To form a head to; to fit or furnish with a head; as, to head a nail.

(v. t.) To behead; to decapitate.

(v. t.) To cut off the top of; to lop off; as, to head trees.

(v. t.) To go in front of; to get in the front of, so as to hinder or stop; to oppose; hence, to check or restrain; as, to head a drove of cattle; to head a person; the wind heads a ship.

(v. t.) To set on the head; as, to head a cask.

(v. i.) To originate; to spring; to have its source, as a river.

(v. i.) To go or point in a certain direction; to tend; as, how does the ship head?

(v. i.) To form a head; as, this kind of cabbage heads early.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. [1]. Seat of the brain, NODDLE.[2]. Top, summit, CAPITAL, upper part, acme.[3]. Fore part, front part.[4]. Commencement, beginning, rise, source, origin.[5]. Chief part, principal part.[6]. Person, individual.[7]. Chief, chieftain, leader, principal, corypheus, commander, master, director, superintendent.[8]. First place, place of honor.[9]. Understanding, intellect, mind, thought.[10]. Topic, subject.[11]. Class, division, section, department, category.[12]. Height (of water applicable to the driving of a water-wheel).

a. [1]. Chief, principal, highest, first.[2]. (Naut.) Adverse (said of the wind), contrary.

v. a. [1]. Lead, direct, command, govern, rule.[2]. Put a head on, fit with a head.[3]. Get in front of (in order to stop), intercept, head off.

v. n. [1]. Form a head (said of a plant).[2]. Tend, be pointed, be directed.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Top, crown, chief, leader, ruler, mind, source, section, division, topic, gathering,culmination, crisis, leadership, guide, commander, acme, summit

ANT:Tail, bottom, foot, follower, servant, retainer, subordinate, subordination,inferiority, body, bulk, subject, continuation

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n. the uppermost or foremost part of an animal's body: the brain: the understanding: a chief or leader: the place of honour or command: the front or top of anything: an individual animal or person: a topic or chief point of a discourse: a title heading: the source or spring: height of the source of water: highest point of anything: culmination: a cape: strength: a froth on beer porter &c. when poured into a glass.—v.t. to act as a head to to lead or govern: to go in front of: to commence: to check: (naut.) to be contrary: (obs.) to behead.—v.i. to grow to a head: to originate: to go head foremost.—n. Head′ache an internal pain in the head.—adj. Head′achy afflicted with headaches.—ns. Head′band a band or fillet for the head: the band at each end of a book: a thin slip of iron on the tympan of a printing-press; Head′-block in a sawmill carriage a cross-block on which the head of the log rests: a piece of wood in a carriage connected with the spring and the perches and joining the fore-gear and the hind-gear; Head′-board a board placed at the head of anything esp. a bedstead; Head′-boom a jib-boom or a flying jib-boom; Head′bor′ough an old term for the head of a borough the chief of a frank pledge tithing or decennary; Head′-boy the senior boy in a public school; Head′chair a high-backed chair with a rest for the head; Head′-cheese pork-cheese brawn; Head′-chute a canvas tube used to convey refuse matter from a ship's bows down to the water; Head′-cloth a piece of cloth covering the head wound round a turban &c.; Head′-dress an ornamental dress or covering for the head worn by women.—p.adj. Head′ed having a head: (Shak.) come to a head.—ns. Head′er one who puts a head on something: a dive head foremost into water: a brick laid lengthwise along the thickness of a wall serving as a bond: a heavy stone extending through the thickness of a wall; Head′-fast a rope at the bows of a ship used to fasten it to a wharf &c.; Head′-frame the structure over a mine-shaft supporting the head-gear or winding machinery; Head′-gear gear covering or ornament of the head; Head′-hunt′ing the practice among the Dyaks of Borneo &c. of making raids to procure human heads for trophies &c.—adv. Head′ily.—ns. Head′iness; Head′ing the act of furnishing with a head; that which stands at the head: material forming a head; Head′land a point of land running out into the sea: a cape.—adj. Head′less without a head.—ns. Head′-light a light carried in front of a vessel locomotive or vehicle as a signal or for light; Head′-line the line at the head or top of a page containing the folio or number of the page: (pl.) the sails and ropes next the yards (naut.).—adv. Head′long with the head foremost or first: without thought rashly: precipitately.—adj. rash: precipitous steep.—adj. Head′-lugged (Shak.) lugged or dragged along by the head.—ns. Head′-man a chief a leader; Head′mark a characteristic peculiar to a certain class; Head′-mas′ter the principal master of a school; Head′-mold the skull proper: (archit.) a moulding round or over the head of a door &c.; Head′-money a tax counted per head: a reward by the head for persons captured at sea &c.: a reward for a proscribed outlaw's head.—adj. Head′most most advanced or forward.—ns. Head′-note a note placed at the head of a chapter or page esp. a condensed statement of points of law involved introductory to the report of a legal decision; Head′piece a helmet: a hat: head intelligence: (print.) a decorative engraving placed at the top of the first page of a volume and at the beginning of books chapters &c.; Head′-pump a small pump at a ship's bows to pump up sea-water for washing decks.—n.pl. Head′quarters the quarters or residence of a commander-in-chief or general.—ns. Head′-race the race which brings the water to a water-wheel; Head′-reach the distance to windward made by a vessel while tacking.—v.i. to shoot ahead in tacking.—ns. Head′-rest a support for the head esp. the adjustable apparatus of the barber's chair and that used by the photographer to steady the sitter's head; Head′-ring a palm-leaf ornament worn by Kaffir men in their hair after marriage; Head′-shake a significant shake or motion of the head; Head′-ship the office of a head or chief authority: dignity; Heads′man a man who cuts off heads: an executioner; Head′stall the part of a bridle round the head; Head′-stā′tion the dwelling-house &c. on an Australian sheep or cattle station; Head′-stick (print.) a straight piece of furniture placed at the head of a form between the chase and the type; Head′stone the principal stone of a building: the corner-stone: the stone at the head of a grave; Head′-stream the highest of the streams which combine to form a river.—adj. Head′strong self-willed: obstinate.—ns. Head′-tire a head-dress; Head′-wa′ter the highest part of a stream before receiving affluents; Head′way motion ahead esp. of a ship; Head′-wind a wind blowing right against a ship's head; Head′-word a title word or heading usually in distinctive type; Head′-work intellectual labour.—adj. Head′y affecting the head or the brain: intoxicating: inflamed: rash: violent.—Head and ears with the whole person: completely; Head and shoulders very much as if taller by a head and shoulders: violently; Head foremost with the head first esp. of falling from a height; Head or tail the side of a coin with the sovereign's head or the reverse: a phrase used in tossing up a coin to decide a point ('to make neither head nor tail of anything'—to be unable to understand it); Head over heels in a somersault.—Come to a head to reach a climax; Eat one's head off to be consumed with mortification; Go by the head to sink head foremost; Have a head on one's shoulders to have brains or ability; Head off to prevent by some counteraction; Lose one's head to become very much excited: to lose presence of mind; Make head against to resist successfully: to advance; Off one's head demented crazy; Out of one's own head spontaneously; Over head and ears deeply engrossed; Turn a person's head (see Turn).

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Unserious Contents or Definition

To see a person's head in your dream, and it is well-shaped and prominent, you will meet persons of power and vast influence who will lend you aid in enterprises of importance. If you dream of your own head, you are threatened with nervous or brain trouble. To see a head severed from its trunk, and bloody, you will meet sickening disappointments, and the overthrow of your dearest hopes and anticipations. To see yourself with two or more heads, foretells phenomenal and rapid rise in life, but the probabilities are that the rise will not be stable. To dream that your head aches, denotes that you will be oppressed with worry. To dream of a swollen head, you will have more good than bad in your life. To dream of a child's head, there will be much pleasure ill store for you and signal financial success. To dream of the head of a beast, denotes that the nature of your desires will run on a low plane, and only material pleasures will concern you. To wash your head, you will be sought after by prominent people for your judgment and good counsel.

To dream that you scratch your head, denotes strangers will annoy you by their flattering attentions, which you will feel are only shown to win favors from you.

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