[bəʊ] or [bo]


(n.) A man who takes great care to dress in the latest fashion; a dandy.

(n.) A man who escorts, or pays attentions to, a lady; an escort; a lover.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. [1]. Fop, dandy, coxcomb, exquisite, macaroni, popinjay, jackanapes, jack-a-dandy, man of dress.[2]. Gallant, lover, admirer, suitor, sweetheart, CICISBEO.

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n. a man attentive to dress or fashion: a fop or dandy: a lover:—pl. Beaux (bōz):—fem. Belle.—n. Beau′-idē′al ideal excellence or an imaginary standard of perfection: the person in which such is realised.—adj. Beau′ish.—ns. Beau′-monde the gay or fashionable world; Beaupere′ (Spens.) a term of courtesy for 'father ' esp. of ecclesiastical persons: a companion.

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