(noun.) the particular auditory effect produced by a given cause; 'the sound of rain on the roof'; 'the beautiful sound of music'.

(noun.) the subjective sensation of hearing something; 'he strained to hear the faint sounds'.

(noun.) the sudden occurrence of an audible event; 'the sound awakened them'.

(noun.) a large ocean inlet or deep bay; 'the main body of the sound ran parallel to the coast'.

(noun.) mechanical vibrations transmitted by an elastic medium; 'falling trees make a sound in the forest even when no one is there to hear them'.

(verb.) appear in a certain way; 'This sounds interesting'.

(verb.) give off a certain sound or sounds; 'This record sounds scratchy'.

(verb.) make a certain noise or sound; 'She went `Mmmmm''; 'The gun went `bang''.

(verb.) cause to sound; 'sound the bell'; 'sound a certain note'.

(verb.) announce by means of a sound; 'sound the alarm'.

(adj.) thorough; 'a sound thrashing' .

(adj.) free from moral defect; 'a man of sound character' .

(adj.) financially secure and safe; 'sound investments'; 'a sound economy' .

(adj.) in good condition; free from defect or damage or decay; 'a sound timber'; 'the wall is sound'; 'a sound foundation' .

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(n.) The air bladder of a fish; as, cod sounds are an esteemed article of food.

(n.) A cuttlefish.

(superl.) Whole; unbroken; unharmed; free from flaw, defect, or decay; perfect of the kind; as, sound timber; sound fruit; a sound tooth; a sound ship.

(superl.) Healthy; not diseased; not being in a morbid state; -- said of body or mind; as, a sound body; a sound constitution; a sound understanding.

(superl.) Firm; strong; safe.

(superl.) Free from error; correct; right; honest; true; faithful; orthodox; -- said of persons; as, a sound lawyer; a sound thinker.

(superl.) Founded in truth or right; supported by justice; not to be overthrown on refuted; not fallacious; as, sound argument or reasoning; a sound objection; sound doctrine; sound principles.

(superl.) heavy; laid on with force; as, a sound beating.

(superl.) Undisturbed; deep; profound; as, sound sleep.

(superl.) Founded in law; legal; valid; not defective; as, a sound title to land.

(adv.) Soundly.

(n.) A narrow passage of water, or a strait between the mainland and an island; also, a strait connecting two seas, or connecting a sea or lake with the ocean; as, the Sound between the Baltic and the german Ocean; Long Island Sound.

(v. t.) To measure the depth of; to fathom; especially, to ascertain the depth of by means of a line and plummet.

(v. t.) Fig.: To ascertain, or try to ascertain, the thoughts, motives, and purposes of (a person); to examine; to try; to test; to probe.

(v. t.) To explore, as the bladder or urethra, with a sound; to examine with a sound; also, to examine by auscultation or percussion; as, to sound a patient.

(v. i.) To ascertain the depth of water with a sounding line or other device.

(n.) Any elongated instrument or probe, usually metallic, by which cavities of the body are sounded or explored, especially the bladder for stone, or the urethra for a stricture.

(n.) The peceived object occasioned by the impulse or vibration of a material substance affecting the ear; a sensation or perception of the mind received through the ear, and produced by the impulse or vibration of the air or other medium with which the ear is in contact; the effect of an impression made on the organs of hearing by an impulse or vibration of the air caused by a collision of bodies, or by other means; noise; report; as, the sound of a drum; the sound of the human voice; a horrid sound; a charming sound; a sharp, high, or shrill sound.

(n.) The occasion of sound; the impulse or vibration which would occasion sound to a percipient if present with unimpaired; hence, the theory of vibrations in elastic media such cause sound; as, a treatise on sound.

(n.) Noise without signification; empty noise; noise and nothing else.

(v. i.) To make a noise; to utter a voice; to make an impulse of the air that shall strike the organs of hearing with a perceptible effect.

(v. i.) To be conveyed in sound; to be spread or published; to convey intelligence by sound.

(v. i.) To make or convey a certain impression, or to have a certain import, when heard; hence, to seem; to appear; as, this reproof sounds harsh; the story sounds like an invention.

(v. t.) To causse to make a noise; to play on; as, to sound a trumpet or a horn.

(v. t.) To cause to exit as a sound; as, to sound a note with the voice, or on an instrument.

(v. t.) To order, direct, indicate, or proclain by a sound, or sounds; to give a signal for by a certain sound; as, to sound a retreat; to sound a parley.

(v. t.) To celebrate or honor by sounds; to cause to be reported; to publish or proclaim; as, to sound the praises of fame of a great man or a great exploit.

(v. t.) To examine the condition of (anything) by causing the same to emit sounds and noting their character; as, to sound a piece of timber; to sound a vase; to sound the lungs of a patient.

(v. t.) To signify; to import; to denote.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

a. [1]. Whole, entire, unbroken, undecayed, uninjured, perfect, faultless, good, firm, strong.[2]. Healthy, hearty, hale, hardy, vigorous, in health, in good health, not diseased.[3]. Sane, well-balanced.[4]. Correct, true, valid, solid, weighty, reasonable, rational, sensible, judicious.[5]. Established, fixed, well-grounded.[6]. Profound, unbroken, undisturbed, fast.[7]. Heavy, lusty, forcible.[8]. Orthodox, of the true faith, not heretical.

ad. Soundly, profoundly.

n. [1]. Strait, narrows.[2]. Air-bladder (of a fish).[3]. Noise, report.

v. n. [1]. Resound, make a noise, give out a sound.[2]. Appear by the sound.[3]. Try the depth (of water), throw the lead.

v. a. [1]. Cause to sound.[2]. Utter, express audibly.[3]. Celebrate (by sounds).[4]. Measure, fathom, try the depth of.[5]. Examine, test, try.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Entire, unbroken, whole, perfect, unhurt, well-grounded, uninjured, unimpaired,healthy, firm, strong, vigorous, weighty, solid, irrefragable, irrefutable,thorough, valid, wholesome, correct, substantial

ANT:Partial, broken, injured, Impaired, unhealthy, unsound, weak, frail, fragile,light, trivial, unfounded, hollow, fallacious, imperfect, unwholesome,incorrect, unsubstantial, invalid,

SYN:Resonance, audibility, noise, report

ANT:Silence, stillness, muteness, voicelessness, abmutescence

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adj. safe whole entire: perfect: healthy strong: profound: correct: orthodox: weighty.—adv. soundly completely fast as in sleep.—adv. Sound′ly.—n. Sound′ness.

n. (Spens.) swoon.

n. a narrow passage of water: a strait.

n. the air or swimming bladder of a fish.

v.i. to make a noise: to utter a voice: to spread or be spread: to appear on narration.—v.t. to cause to make a noise: to utter audibly: to direct by a sound or audible signal: to examine by percussion: to publish audibly.—n. the impression produced on the ear by the vibrations of air: noise particular quality of tone: report hearing-distance: empty or meaningless noise.—p.adj. Sound′ing making a sound or noise: having a magnificent sound.—ns. Sound′ing-board Sound′-board the thin plate of wood or metal which increases and propagates the sound of a musical instrument: the horizontal board or structure over a pulpit reading-desk &c. carrying the speaker's voice towards the audience; Sound′ing-post Sound′-post a support set under the bridge of a violin for propagating the sounds to the body of the instrument.—adj. Sound′less without sound silent: not capable of being sounded unfathomable.

v.t. to measure the depth of esp. with a line and plummet: to probe: to try to discover a man's secret thoughts wishes &c.: to test: to introduce an instrument into the bladder to examine it.—v.i. to use the line and lead in ascertaining the depth of water.—n. a probe an instrument to discover stone in the bladder.—ns. Sound′ing the ascertaining the depth of water: (pl.) any part of the ocean where a sounding-line will reach the bottom; Sound′ing-lead the weight at the end of a sounding-line; Sound′ing-line a line with a plummet at the end for soundings; Sound′ing-rod a rod for measuring water in a ship's hold.

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