(noun.) the Romance language spoken in most of Spain and the countries colonized by Spain.

(noun.) the people of Spain.

(adj.) of or relating to or characteristic of Spain or the people of Spain; 'Spanish music' .

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(a.) Of or pertaining to Spain or the Spaniards.

(n.) The language of Spain.

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adj. of or pertaining to Spain.—n. the language of Spain.—n. Span′iard a native or citizen of Spain.—Spanish bayonet any one of several species of yucca with straight sword-shaped leaves; Spanish broom a hardy deciduous Mediterranean shrub with showy yellow fragrant flowers; Spanish chalk a variety of talc; Spanish cress a species of peppergrass; Spanish fly a blister-beetle a cantharid possessing a strong blistering principle cantharidine: a preparation of cantharides used as a vesicant; Spanish fowl a breed of the domestic hen—also White-faced black Spanish; Spanish grass esparto; Spanish juice extract of liquorice-root; Spanish Main a name given to the north coast of South America from the Orinoco to Darien and to the shores of the former Central American provinces of Spain contiguous to the Caribbean Sea—the name is often popularly applied to the Caribbean Sea itself: Spanish sheep a merino; Spanish soap Castile soap.—Walk Spanish to be compelled to walk on tiptoe through being lifted up by the collar and the seat of the trousers—hence to proceed or act under compulsion.

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