['ægət] or ['æɡət]


(noun.) an impure form of quartz consisting of banded chalcedony; used as a gemstone and for making mortars and pestles.

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(adv.) On the way; agoing; as, to be agate; to set the bells agate.

(n.) A semipellucid, uncrystallized variety of quartz, presenting various tints in the same specimen. Its colors are delicately arranged in stripes or bands, or blended in clouds.

(n.) A kind of type, larger than pearl and smaller than nonpareil; in England called ruby.

(n.) A diminutive person; so called in allusion to the small figures cut in agate for rings and seals.

(n.) A tool used by gold-wire drawers, bookbinders, etc.; -- so called from the agate fixed in it for burnishing.

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adv. agoing on the way.

n. a precious stone composed of layers of quartz of different tints.—adj. Agatif′erous.

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To see agate in a dream, signifies a slight advancement in business affairs.

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