['ɒnɪks;'əʊnɪks] or ['ɑnɪks]


(noun.) a chalcedony with alternating black and white bands; used in making cameos.

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(n.) Chalcedony in parallel layers of different shades of color. It is used for making cameos, the figure being cut in one layer with the next as a ground.

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n. (min.) an agate formed of layers of chalcedony of different colours used for making cameos.—ns. Onych′ia suppurative inflammation near the finger-nail; Onychī′tis inflammation of the soft parts about the nail; Onych′ium a little claw; On′ychomancy divination by means of the finger-nails; Onychonō′sos disease of the nails.—adj. Onychopath′ic affected with such.—n. Onychō′sis disease of the nails.

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