(adj.) not on target; 'the kick was wide'; 'the arrow was wide of the mark'; 'a claim that was wide of the truth' .

(adj.) having ample fabric; 'the current taste for wide trousers'; 'a full skirt' .

(adj.) having great (or a certain) extent from one side to the other; 'wide roads'; 'a wide necktie'; 'wide margins'; 'three feet wide'; 'a river two miles broad'; 'broad shoulders'; 'a broad river' .

(adj.) great in degree; 'won by a wide margin' .

(adv.) to or over a great extent or range; far; 'wandered wide through many lands'; 'he traveled widely'.

(adv.) with or by a broad space; 'stand with legs wide apart'; 'ran wide around left end'.

(adv.) far from the intended target; 'the arrow went wide of the mark'; 'a bullet went astray and killed a bystander'.

(adv.) to the fullest extent possible; 'open your eyes wide'; 'with the throttle wide open'.

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(superl.) Having considerable distance or extent between the sides; spacious across; much extended in a direction at right angles to that of length; not narrow; broad; as, wide cloth; a wide table; a wide highway; a wide bed; a wide hall or entry.

(superl.) Having a great extent every way; extended; spacious; broad; vast; extensive; as, a wide plain; the wide ocean; a wide difference.

(superl.) Of large scope; comprehensive; liberal; broad; as, wide views; a wide understanding.

(superl.) Of a certain measure between the sides; measuring in a direction at right angles to that of length; as, a table three feet wide.

(superl.) Remote; distant; far.

(superl.) Far from truth, from propriety, from necessity, or the like.

(superl.) On one side or the other of the mark; too far side-wise from the mark, the wicket, the batsman, etc.

(superl.) Made, as a vowel, with a less tense, and more open and relaxed, condition of the mouth organs; -- opposed to primary as used by Mr. Bell, and to narrow as used by Mr. Sweet. The effect, as explained by Mr. Bell, is due to the relaxation or tension of the pharynx; as explained by Mr. Sweet and others, it is due to the action of the tongue. The wide of / (/ve) is / (/ll); of a (ate) is / (/nd), etc. See Guide to Pronunciation, / 13-15.

(adv.) To a distance; far; widely; to a great distance or extent; as, his fame was spread wide.

(adv.) So as to leave or have a great space between the sides; so as to form a large opening.

(adv.) So as to be or strike far from, or on one side of, an object or purpose; aside; astray.

(n.) That which is wide; wide space; width; extent.

(n.) That which goes wide, or to one side of the mark.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

a. [1]. Broad.[2]. Spacious, vast, large, ample, extensive, expanded.[3]. Remote, distant.

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Synonyms and Antonyms

SYN:Broad, ample, expanded, large, extensive, spacious, distant, remote,[SeeVICE]

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adj. extended far: having a considerable distance between: broad: distant: bulging expanded: deviating errant wild.—n. wideness: in cricket a ball that goes wide of the wicket counting one to the batting side.—advs. Wīde Wīde′ly.—adj. Wīde′-awake′ fully awake: on the alert: ready.—n. a kind of soft felt hat.—n. Wīde′awakeness.—adj. Wīde′-chapped wide-mouthed.—v.t. and v.i Wī′den to make or grow wide or wider: (Shak.) to throw open.—ns. Wīde′ner one who or that which widens: a kind of tool; Wīde′ness width.—adjs. Wīde′-spread diffused; Wīde′-stretched (Shak.) large; Wīde′-wa′tered bordered or covered by wide waters.—n. Width wideness breadth.

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