['mʌŋkɪ] or ['mʌŋki]


(noun.) any of various long-tailed primates (excluding the prosimians).

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(n.) In the most general sense, any one of the Quadrumana, including apes, baboons, and lemurs.

(n.) Any species of Quadrumana, except the lemurs.

(n.) Any one of numerous species of Quadrumana (esp. such as have a long tail and prehensile feet) exclusive of apes and baboons.

(n.) A term of disapproval, ridicule, or contempt, as for a mischievous child.

(n.) The weight or hammer of a pile driver, that is, a very heavy mass of iron, which, being raised on high, falls on the head of the pile, and drives it into the earth; the falling weight of a drop hammer used in forging.

(n.) A small trading vessel of the sixteenth century.

(v. t. & i.) To act or treat as a monkey does; to ape; to act in a grotesque or meddlesome manner.

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Synonyms and Synonymous

n. Ape.

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n. a quadrumanous mammal of the order Primates—the term is loose and may be conveniently restricted only to all the Primates exclusive of the Anthropoid Apes thus including the Platyrrhini or New-World monkeys and the Catarrhiini or Old-World monkeys: an ape: a name of contempt esp. for a mischievous person also of playful endearment: a heavy weight for driving piles: a large hammer for driving bolts: in betting slang a sum of 500 pounds or dollars in U.S.: a fluid consisting of chlor-hydric acid and zinc—generally called spirits of salt—used in the process of soldering:—pl. Monk′eys.—v.i. to meddle with anything.—v.t. to imitate as a monkey does.—ns. Monk′ey-bag a small money-bag hung round the sailor's neck; Monk′ey-block a small swivel-block used in guiding running rigging; Monk′ey-board the omnibus conductor's foot-board; Monk′ey-boat a narrow half-decked river-boat; Monk′ey-bread the baobab-tree or its fruit; Monk′ey-en′gine a kind of pile-driver having a ram or monkey working in a wooden frame; Monk′ey-flow′er a flower of the mimulus kind; Monk′ey-gaff a small gaff above the spanker-gaff for the flag; Monk′ey-grass a coarse fibre yielded by the leaf-stalks of Attalea funifera used for brooms street sweeping-machine brushes &c.; Monk′ey-hamm′er a drop-press with a ram which is raised and let drop freely; Monk′eyism the qualities of the monkey; Monk′ey-jack′et a close-fitting jacket generally made of some stout coarse material; Monk′ey-pot the seed-vessel of several species of Lecythis having a round lid; Monk′ey-pump a straw let through a gimlet-hole into a cask for the purpose of sucking the liquor; Monk′ey-puzz′le the Chili pine Araucaria imbricata; Monk′ey-rail a light rail above the quarter-rail; Monk′ey-shine (U.S.) a piece of tomfoolery; Monk′ey-tail a short lever for training carronades: a piece of knotted rope by which to attach a hook to save the hand from jamming; Monk′ey-wheel a tackle-block over which runs a hoisting-rope; Monk′ey-wrench a screw-key having a movable jaw.—Have or Get one's monkey up to be angry; Suck the monkey to drink liquor from a cask through an inserted tube: to drink from a coco-nut filled surreptitiously with rum &c.

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To dream of a monkey, denotes that deceitful people will flatter you to advance their own interests. To see a dead monkey, signifies that your worst enemies will soon be removed. If a young woman dreams of a monkey, she should insist on an early marriage, as her lover will suspect unfaithfulness. For a woman to dream of feeding a monkey, denotes that she will be betrayed by a flatterer.

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n. An arboreal animal which makes itself at home in genealogical trees.

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