[pə'renθɪsɪs] or [pə'rɛnθəsɪs]


(noun.) either of two punctuation marks (or) used to enclose textual material.

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(n.) A word, phrase, or sentence, by way of comment or explanation, inserted in, or attached to, a sentence which would be grammatically complete without it. It is usually inclosed within curved lines (see def. 2 below), or dashes.

(n.) One of the curved lines () which inclose a parenthetic word or phrase.

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n. a word phrase or sentence put in or inserted in another which is grammatically complete without it: (pl.) the marks ( ) used to mark off a parenthesis:—pl. Paren′theses (-sēz).—v.i. Parenth′esise.—adjs. Parenthet′ic -al of the nature of a parenthesis: expressed in a parenthesis: using parentheses.—adv. Parenthet′ically.

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